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DS: lavender meta OP under 100 USD and blythe doll totebag set

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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketThe price is in United States dollars.
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketShipping is included in the price.
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~Description:~Here is a lovely lavender cotton fabric Meta OP with white cotton lace. It is a lightweight unlined cotton and does not come with any sort of pannier or slip. This long sleeved OP has lavish pintucks and adjustable lacing in the back that is secure with metal eyelets. I has criss cross neck straps that button into the neckline so you can remove them if you don't want to use them. The neckline has an adjustable lacing that ties to tighten or loosen the neckline to your measurements. The long sleeves have gathered elastic sections and ties near the wrist.

~Condition notes:~ This OP was repaired. I bought it used but 2 of the buttons had broken apart. Later on another button broke almost completely so I removed it myself. The buttons have a plastic shank and that is what broke. I was able to pry apart the button fixtures and replace them into new higher quality all metal button fixtures using the original fabric. They are the same industry standard diameter as the original buttons. You can't tell them apart by looking at it directly. If you look at the backs obviously you can tell which are the 3 repaired buttons because of the metal shank. Also the repaired buttons have a slightly thicker depth to them. Observe here. The top button seen is a repaired button as contrasted to the original button below it. Honestly though its a pretty minor flaw in my opinion. The casual observer won't notice anything is amiss. I have taken this repairwork into consideration when pricing it. Also I did sew those buttons on in the professional industry standard method for shank buttons. Actually I'm quite proud of the finished repairs. Again there are 3 repaired buttons. The rest are the original meta buttons.

Like I said I bought this used. I have no idea about it's original owner or how many times the dress was worn but I get the feeling it has been worn. But there are no major stains or tears. It is in very good used condition.

Huge detail shot for your consideration

Bust 83~ 98
Waist 66~ 85
overall length shoulder to hem is 95
sleeve length 62
upper arm width to 40

95 USD including EMS shipping worldwide If you pay with CC paypal it would be 99.17 USD total
SOLD to edochan1985

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~Description:~ Blythe tote bag and blotting sheets from the btssb store. Very cute large sized vinyl tote features a full side blythe photograph wearing btssb designed apparel. This tote is SOLD OUT at all stores. The blotting sheets have a cardboard sleeve featuring the same artwork.

~Condition notes:~ Both items are still in their original plastic. The handle of the bag is making it look warped and wrinkled on her face, its not like that really.

tote is 29 cm by 32 cm by 10 cm
blotting sheets are about 5.75 cm by 7 cm

40 26 USD including airmail small packet shipping worldwide If you pay with CC paypal it would be 27.37 USD total
sold to gothfaeriequeen

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also check out my still available fifty dollar Putumayo coat. thanks

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