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DS: Baby border print , Meta room print, Bodyline, ITS

Terms of Sales:

• I ship from the U.S. and I prefer not to ship internationally.
• Shipping is included in the price (U.S. only)
• Paypal only. I have a premiere account so all transactions charge a 2.9%+.30 fee for CC-paypal.
• If you do not purchase insurance I will not be responsible for lost items. (Insurance for expensive items is highly recommended!)
• Items go to the first person that can pay full price or best offer.
• No refunds. Items go to the first person that can pay full price or best offer.

I don't usually sell things online, but I do have some feedback on amazon

Bodyline Blouse
Length 54cm
sleeve length 26cm
shoulder length 35cm
bust 92cm
$36 shipped
Worn once or twice

Close-up of choker

Baby Cut sew w/ choker
Bust: 26in-38in
waist: 24in-35in
(might not be a good idea to wear it at the max measurements)
$70 shipped

offbrand bunny cutsew from y!jp
Bust: 30in - 38in
waist: 29in - 33in
$36 shipped

Bodyline bloomers
Length 46cm
Waist 56-90cm
$27 shipped
worn once or twice

ITS skirt (there's only one bow shown, but I have both)
Waist: 31in
Length: 20in
$40 shipped
never worn. ;__; I just let this sit in my closet

Meta Room print OP
Bust: 34in - 39in
Waist: 28in - 35in (or smaller due to waist ties)
$238 shipped
The collar and sleeves are detachable. It also comes with a bijillion detachable bows. (9 to be exact)
Additional Images:

Baby poker border print jsk
bust: 32in-38in
waist: 28in-31in (can be made smaller due to waist ties)
$171 shipped
The bib is detachable.

Feel free to make offers and I'll consider them!

Don't hesitate to request anything!^^

Thanks for looking!
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