xsexybeast (xsexybeast) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

DS: Bodyline, Cornet, Offbrand

DS: bodyline, off brand!

All prices are in USD, and worldwide .
In case you want a tracking number for your parcel that is 75 cents extra.
For buyers In and outside the United states I accept paypal only.
might do trades/partial trades. Show me what you've have!

Bodyline Alice Trump skirt $45
Size: Waist: 26-30 , Length: 20 inches

Please note that the skirt I'm selling, It's only tried on and in great condition.
Size: Waist: 26-30 inches, Length:20 inches estimated 

Cornet black dress $66 
Size: Waist: 26 inches bust 34 inches,
Length:34 inches estimated ( this dress is suited for shorter sizes )

Lian Lian pink scallop skirt $35 
Size: Waist: 26 , Length: 17-18 inches
Tags: bodyline, offbrand

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