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DS: All sold!

- I accept Paypal and I don't charge fees. I prefer non-CC because I have a personal account and can only accept a few credit card payments a year.
- I have +10 on Loligoth DBS, and my Den of Angels feedback thread is here.
- I ship worldwide, but I will not be held responsible for lost packages. If you're in Canada too please leave your postal code for a shipping estimate.
- Items come from a smoke-free home, and my only pet is a gecko.
- I'm open to trades, brand or offbrand; I'm interested in classic and sweet lolita that isn't too over the top.

Victorian Maiden velveteen one piece SOLD

Closer view

$130 USD + shipping ($11.50 to the US) or best offer.
Purchased off of the used clothing site Alice Fururun, and never worn by me. Soft mauve velveteen in very good condition. No stains or tears.

There's shirring on the bust so that will stretch, but the waist has no give at all.
Waist: 26"/65 cm
Bust: 31"/78 cm
Length: 36.2"/92 cm

Bodyline blue floral JSK with headbow SOLD

Stock image from Bodyline

$40 USD + shipping ($11.50 to the US).
Bought directly from Bodyline, and includes a matching head-eating bow. Only worn once inside the house, and hand washed after use.

This JSK came with a small gray stain on the lace at the front; it looks like the thread itself was stained when they made the lace. A bleach pen may be able to remedy this, but I'd rather not risk it. It really isn't that noticeable.

There's shirring on the straps, bust, and back. These are the unstretched measurements.
Waist: 30"/76 cm
Bust: 29"/72 cm
Length: 35.5"/90 cm

In the Starlight white blouse SOLD

Stock image

$17 USD + shipping ($7.50 to the US).
Bought here in the sales community, but it didn't fit so I never wore it. It's made of nice thick fabric that isn't see-through at all.

This is tricky to describe in text, but when it got here there was a gap between the back and the collar where the fabric had slipped out. I sewed it back in, and it should stay securely. You can see the area I sewed circled here.

Waist: 35"/89 cm (It has waist ties to make it smaller)
Bust: 36"/91 cm
Length: 23"/58 cm

Putumayo/Spica hat with ears SOLD

$12 + shipping ($4 to the US).
Purchased off the sales community; the previous owner bought it from Putumayo and only wore it once. The tag says Spica on it. It's too big for me so I haven't used it.

When I got it it had cat hair on it, but I've brushed it all off. Just wanted to make note in case someone has allergies. It measures 23"/58 cm around the rim.

Thanks for looking, and feel free to ask me any questions!
Tags: !ds, bodyline, in the starlight, putumayo, victorian maiden

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