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DS: ITS, bodyline, F+F, off brand. plus size friendly!

Please help me make room in my closet! If I don't get these things sold, I'll have to throw them away to make space. (Seriously, it's getting desperate.) If you see something you like but don't like the price, feel free to make an offer. ^_^


All prices are in USD, and worldwide shipping and paypal fees are included. (Therefor, if you buy more than one item, there just might be a discount. Please inquire.)
In case you want a tracking number for your parcel, I'll have to get back to you on how much extra that would be.
For buyers outside Sweden, I accept paypal only. For Swedish buyers, I'd prefer a bank transfer (pg, bg).
I won't do holds at this time. I just need to get rid of these. However, if you're interested in something but can't pay right now, please say so. I'd gladly to contact you later if it's still available.
If you want any additional pictures, please inquire and I'll do my best to get them. My camera really isn't the best, though. x.x;
I might do trades/partial trades. Show me what you've got! Though I usually don't wear pink. XD;; Black, mint, lavender, sax and cream are my favorites right now, for your reference.

ITS black Daisies skirt $35 SOLD!

(The first photo is brightened to show details.) This is a very full skirt, featuring two rows of ruffles at the hem and a broad row of daisy-shaped lace. I've worn and washed it a few times, but it's still in very good condition. The daisy lace might need a bit of ironing, though.
Size: Waist: 84 cm (no stretch), Length: 53 cm

ITS LAVENDER Tea Party skirt $35

Please note that the skirt I'm selling is lavender (as seen in the detail shot), not blue. This is a design from ITS's old catalogue. I love this style, but as I never get around to wearing it, it has to go. It's only tried on and in great condition.
Size: Waist: 80 cm, Length:60 cm

ITS green Rose Garden skirt $35

Another of ITS's old designs. Pattern is in bright greens with tiny pink flowers, it features beautiful, long lace at the bottom, and one single row of beading lace with matching bright green ribbon down the side. Note the length of this one, since it's a bit on the long side I'd recommend this to taller lolita.
Size: Waist: 81 cm, Length: 60 cm + 7 cm lace

ITS Detachable sleeves blouse $15 SOLD!

Note that this doesn't have a sailor "flap" sort of collar, it's just the cut that makes it look that way. As the name suggests, the sleeves are removeable. They're bell sleeves, but they have ribbons at the cuffs that can be used to adjust the fit. I've only worn this blouse once, it's been washed since, and is in great condition.
Size: Bust: 95~110 cm MAX, Waist: 80~100 cm MAX, Short sleeves: 27 cm, Long sleeves: 69 cm, Length: 58 cm

ITS BxW eyelet top $13 SOLD!

I bought this to match my very first lolita skirt, turns out that was the first and only time I'd wear blackxwhite. ^^; This top features eyelet and beading lace in white with black ribbons. It flares out at the bottom to lie nicely over poofed out skirts, and is closed in the back with buttons. The button holes were far too big for the tiny buttons, so I've fixed them myself. Worn once and washed.
Size: Bust: ~100 cm Waist: 90 cm MAX Sleeves: 18 cm Length: 56 cm + 4 cm lace

F+F ivory sweet blouse $25 SOLD!

I actually bought this to match the "ITS rose garden" skirt's lace, however it turns out this blouse's lace is quite a bit darker in color. It's a fancy, sweet blouse featuring a square collar, lots of long lace and ribbon bows, pretty pintuck details in the front and some shirring in the back for a better fit. I'm selling it because it's a bit too sweet for me. I've only tried it on a few times, never used.
Size: Bust: 100 cm MAX, Waist: 88 cm MAX, Sleeves: 58 cm + 10 cm lace, Length: 43 cm + 9 cm lace

Bodyline Wa-loli outfit (black/white/silver) $50 SOLD!

I bought this to twin with a friend on a con, but we ended up wearing other things. It's never worn, has just been hanging around in my closet for a few years. It features a white on black rose pattern with printed on silver glitter accents, some black eyelet lace at the collar and cuffs. This set includes the top, skirt and obi. The obi is closed with a sturdy zipper, it has shirring in the back behind the bow and can fit a variety of sizes, it's also boned and will not fold or crease. Note that the cloth is thick and pretty heavy, I'd not recommend it for wearing on hot summer days. Its weight also makes the shipping expensive, hence the high price. x_x;;
Size: Bust: free, Waist: 80 cm MAX

Offbrand Sakura Midnight corset $60 SOLD!

I bought this ages ago with the intent to try out ero loli. I'm sad to part with it because it is truly gorgeous, but it just isn't my style. This corset is not steel boned, but is very sturdy and will pull your waist in a few centimeters. It's silky, featuring a cherry blossom pattern in silver on a dark blue background, and a sweetheart dip in the front. It's closed with little hooks in the front, and is laced up in the back for a perfect fit.
It's worn about two times, but has been carefully handwashed since. It's in very good condition.
Size: It's a European M, it's adjustable thanks to the lacing in the back. If anyone wants more exact measurements, please inquire.

Thank you for looking, and please don't hesitate to comment with any questions or concerns! :3 ♥

Tags: !ds, bodyline, fanplusfriend, in the starlight, offbrand

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