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DS/WTT: bodyline pink girly note skirt, plus sized hime op.


Bodyline Girly Note Skirt in Pink

SOLD, awaiting payment.

Plus-Sized Hime-Lolita OP

skirt sleeve lace at bottom torso

Total length: 46in
Skirt length: 26in
Waist: Between 32-40in. There are waist ties and a side zipper which is very well hidden.
Bust: I'm 45in and I fit okay. Can definitely go smaller, not sure how much bigger.
Handmade but not by me. Has tons of lace. Very extravagant dress, good for Hime loli or whatnot. I could never wear it because I never had an occasion to wear something so intense. Dress is long; good for tall Lolitas and Lolitas who like really big, fluffy petticoats.
There is a minor imperfection on the bow; two small black dots which can be easily hidden by shaping the bow over it, or probably removable with the right cleaning device. I suck at cleaning so I didn't try and risk totally ruining it. Dress came to me this way.
Price: $65 $52 shipped OBO

I'm willing to trade either of these items. Show me what you've got!
Tags: !ds, !dt, bodyline, handmade

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