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DS> Handmade skirt, IW Blouse, Bodyline, Meta Parasol

Please read:
  • shipping is not included in the price, I ship via priority mail within the US and regular Airmail for international.
  • I am not responsible for damages caused by the post office. Insurance is potional
  • I accept holds only if the buyer agrees to pay a deposit.
  • I will consider reasonable offers, however, priority goes to the person who is willing to pay the full asking price.
  • Priority will go to whoever gives me their paypal address for invoicing.
  • Since these are ready-made items, they are priced lower than what I would normally commission them for.

Handmade skirt: Iron Gate print

The print is screen-printed and heat set on to the fabric, It features a ruffled hem with black venice lace and hand dyed daisy trim. Half elastic waistband to fit a variety of sizes. Fully lined. All seams sereged and finished well.
please keep in mind that there may be slight imperfections on the print. The whole print can be seen

Waist: 26 - 34 inches comfortably
Length: 22 inches
Price $90
Shipping: US $8.00/ International $15.00


Handmade: Bustle Skirt Set (white underskirt + overskirt)

Handmade skirt which includes the underksirt and overskirt.  Very versatile, it's like having two skirts in one. the skirt is not lined but all seams are sereged and finished well

Waist: 28 - 36 inches comfortably 
Length: 24 inches

waist: 28 - 32 inches
Length 20 inches

Price: $75 for the set
Shipping: US $10.00/ International $18.00


Handmade Skirt: Pink Scallop Skirt
Skirt has half elsatic waistband. Fully lined, all seams sereged and finished well.

Waist: 26 - 30 inches comfortably
Length: 20 + 2 inches tulle

Price $50 $40
Shipping: US $5.00/ International $13.00


Innocent World Blouse

Used only once. Excellent  condition.

Bust: 36 inches accross
waist: 30 inches
Length: 24 inches

Price: $90
Shipping: US $8.00/ International $13.00

BTSSB Bunny Bag (Paris Edition, Pink) ON HOLD

Used but in Great condition, No stains on the bear or on the inside of the bag.
Normal signs of wear on the straps

Price $170
Shipping: US $10.00/  International: state your location

Bodyline: Black Blouse


Used only once. Excellent condition

Bust: 36 inches accross 
Waist: 30 inches
Length: 22 inches

Price: $25
Shipping: US $5.00/ International $10.00
Bodyline Pink Cardigan

New with tags. Material is very stretchy.

Bust: 32 + inches
length: 22 inches

Price: $20
Shipping: US $5.00/ International $10.00


Bodyline: Bunny Cardigan

Worn only once. Excellent condition. material is very stretchy
 bust: 34+ inches accross
Length: 23 inches

Price $35
Shipping: US $5.00/ International $10.00

Meta black Parasol Awaiting Payment
Excellent condition. the handle still has its plastic covering on

Price $32.00
Shipping: US Only $10.00

Tags: !ds, bodyline, handmade, innocent world

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