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!DS: Montreal Red RHS 23.5cm

** I would prefer shipping only to the US. **
** I only accept non-CC paypal please. **
** Measurements are in inches. **
** All prices include priority shipping with Delivery Confirmation. **
** I have good feedback on my LJ. I would like any buyers to please leave feedback after they receive their items =D **
** Due to the number of scammers cropping up recently, I ask that you have at least +2 feedback on the loligothdbs or your journal feedback. **

#1 - Montreal RHS (23.5cm) for US$60 shipped (what I paid for it)


Summer is hot, and my feet cannot stand closed-toe shoes since they are sweatmonsters. So these will have to go XD
Brand spanking new, only tried on and then quickly removed after 5 seconds -_-
Would recommend for 23cm girls since this is an EXACT fit - if you have wide feet or something this is the shoe for you!

Tags: !ds, montreal

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