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DS: Gothic & Lolita Bibles (GLBs) 17, 21, 23, 24, 25, 26, Kera Apr. 2006, La Vie en Rose Vol. 2

Prices: All prices are in USD.
Shipping: Shipping prices within the US is included in all the prices. I prefer to ship only within the US.
Payment: I prefer Paypal, but you may use concealed cash at your own discretion. I can do holds for only up to one day unless you make some other arrangement with me.
Feedback: I honestly don't sell very much on the communities, but I do have a small amount of feedback here:
Feel free to ask me any questions or voice any concerns.

A super magazine blowout sale! Here's what I have to offer today.

Gothic & Lolita Bible Vol. 17, Summer 2005
Patterns: MAM punk bag, Innocent World lace pouch, Angelic Pretty Sailor JSK, Angelic Pretty bow
Stickers: none
Note: the pattern has been cut out of the book, but will be included tucked into the book's last page.
What's inside?
A photoshoot with Aya from Psycho le Cemu

And an intact Hangry & Angry mini-book to put together:
Price: $18

Gothic & Lolita Bible Vol. 23, Winter 2006
vol 23
Patterns: MAM bunny capelet, Angelic Pretty Alice band, MA punk bunny hat and gloves, elements kitty hat
Stickers: none
Note: patterns are intact. They have not been removed from the book
What's inside?

A gorgeous pull-out calendar with illustrations by Macoto!

More fairytale themed photos.
Price: $20

Gothic & Lolita Bible Vol. 24, Spring 2007
Patterns: elements kimono coat, Angelic Pretty tulle skirt, circus-themed collar, cuffs, and hair ribbon
Stickers: all intact
Notes: stickers and pattern are totally intact
What's inside?

An interview with macabre artist Trevor Brown

Stickers of his works.
Price: $20

Gothic & Lolita Bible Vol. 25, Summer 2007
Patterns: BtSSB pleated skirt, Marble ruffled top, ruffled skirt
Stickers: about half of the Flower Fairy stickers have been removed
Notes: half of the stickers have been removed, but the pattern is intact
What's inside?

An article about the Flower Fairy illustrations.

Another of my favorite photoshoots, a dollhouse themed display.
Price: $18

Gothic & Lolita Bible Vol. 26, Autumn 2007
Patterns: Millefleurs ruffled top, MA top hat, Angelic Pretty headdress, Angelic Pretty rose hair ribbon
Stickers: most of the flower fairy stickers have been removed
Note: pattern is intact, but most of the stickers have been removed
What's inside?

A photoshoot which looks it was shot using an old-fashioned lens.
Price: $18


Gothic & Lolita Bible Vol. 21, Summer 2006
Patterns: Angelic Pretty sweet pajama set, h.Jelly & Honey gothic nightshirt, MAM sleeping bonnet, elements nighty set
Stickers: most of the Angelic Pretty stickers have been removed, but most of the punk lolita ones are intact
Note: while some of the stickers are gone, the pattern has not been removed from the book.
What's inside?
One of my favorite photoshoots ever, the food/kitchen photoshoot!

A mini photoshoot with Novala and the lovely Nana Kitade.
Price: SOLD!

Kera Magazine, April 2006
Notes: 218 pages long!
What's inside?

Blythe dolls, all lolied up!

Twin-themed photoshoot
Price: SOLD!

La Vie en Rose, Vol. 2, October/November 2007
Notes: The fan-produced La Vie en Rose magazine!
What's inside?

Tips for making different types of lolita outfits.

And a gallery of lovely ladies, many from our own community.
Price: SOLD!

And that's all for now! If you have any questions, feel free to ask. Remember, US shipping is included in all prices!
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