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AnnaHouse :: Group Order for UK/Europe - CLOSED

End order date : Friday 5th Oct 2007

My friend and I will be ordering from Anna House this weekend and wonder if anyone else would like to order something as well ?

- Open to UK / Europe orders only or else shipping prices gets messy ^^;
- It is highly preferable if the order is for in stock items only so it would be faster for everyone ^^ But if AH replies my latest email question saying that a custom order could be delivered by Oct 19th, then its open for any bespeak/bespoke items as well ^^
- Shipping (and if any custom charges) will be divided according to number of items per person =)
- As AH charges 4% of the PP fees from the total, it will be divided among number of items ordered as well. Note : I did ask AH, and they said they will be willing to mark down the price on the customs form.

- I accept Paypal (CC or non CC, please add fees for me as well if using CC) and any other methods within the UK.

- Shipping from me to you will be invoiced when the items are received or if the order (hopefully) arrives by London Expo, I'll bring them along ^^

Leave a comment here with the following details :
1. Product no. :
2. Color:
3. Size:
4. Quantity:
5. Cost: $
6. Payment Method :
7. PP email : (for an invoice if via PP)
8. Delivery Method :

Here we go =)

Order Details

04/10 : Order Closed and order list sent in


sweetfm X 5 (wth happened X_X) = $200
kuro_boo X 4 = $160
ashura_alexis X 3 = $120
funkyfunkyusopp X 4 + 4 = 8 = $320

Total Items : 20
Shipping per item = $40 HKD


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