neya (lost_bride) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

h.naoto OP (good for a larger bust) + non brand black loliable shoes

h.naoto FRILL OP

I'm really sad to sell this dress because it's absolutely stunning. But it's just too big for me and I need the money.
the h.naoto website sais that it will fit up to a 90 cm bust. I guess it's even more because it's way to loose on my ~86 cm bust.

I would really like to get at least 120 € for it because I've only worn it once.


non brand black loliable shoes size 38

I've worn them a lot but they are still in good condition (even if the inside looks kinda strange).

price is 10€

I will ship internationally but please be aware that shipping with the german post is really expensive.
It will between 10 and 30 €.
Payment via Paypal or via Bank transfer in the €-EU.

feedback on ebay

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