~Natt! (senerioo) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

FOR SALE/TRADE: Metamorphose Lucky Pack skirt. SOLD! :D

(Those are photos taken by me, the Metamorphose logo was only edited in to look nice).

Metamorphose Lucky Pack black skirt.
The maximum waist width: 26"inches (66 cm)
Not worn due to it not fitting.
Original price on price tag: ¥ 14,490 (approx. $140.) This does not mean I'm expecting an offer of $140, $120, or even $100. Anything that you think is fair, seeing as this was from a Lucky Pack. (see price below). Also, if you want proof of price, ask for a picture of the price tag.

Price: Offers are being taken more than a fixed price.
Also willing to trade for something of same, lesser or higher worth. (Non-brand is accepted, but don't be upset if I don't like it or want to consider trading it).
(If you make an offer to trade for something more expensive than the skirt is possibly worth, I will send the skirt, plus money through Paypal. Vice versa if for something of lesser value).
Also only accepting payments through Paypal, shipping is also negotiable(depending on which country you are in. Also happy to take quotes).

So, don't be a stranger! I'm also happy to answer any questions and queries you have about the skirt. (:

ALSO: Doesn't require petticoat, already one "in-built". (lack of knowing what else to write :P)



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