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Two Meta Blouses For Sale

Hello! (^_^)/"'&hearts~

I have two Metamorphose blouses that I bought this summer up for sale! They each have been worn once and are in perfect condition. I love them muchly but they just don't fit me properly (too ahem, busty.) You can see actual photos of the blouses here. Please note that the white blouse is actually off-white. Both blouses come with an extra button sewn into the tag, just in case (my photos of that came out blurry, sorry!)

Although they are shirred, I would say that the chest area won't fit anyone bigger than a small B-cup. The waist can fit up to 30" (about 76cm.) The front measures 13.5" (about 34cm) in length and the back is 17" (about 43cm) in length.

I am asking for $55 each or $100 for the pair. This price includes shipping to anywhere in the United States or Canada. I use UPS ground and will ship out within 24 hours of received payment.

Paypal only, please! You can leave me your email address in the comments if you like (at which you can be invoiced through Paypal) or email your information to Spiderguise (at) AOL (dot) com. Please comment and let me know if you prefer the latter option. And please pay as quickly as possible... my halloween costume is expensive this year! (x_x)

Thanks for looking! ♥

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