Nickelpin (sekiria) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

DS: Angelic Pretty jsk, H.Naoto FRILL skirt

Paypal payment is accepted only.
When making an offer, please note whether you are offering from domestic USA or are an international buyer, whether it is with bank transfer or with credit card. CC is fine but I request that buyers help take care of the 4% fee. 

Angelic Pretty shirred Jumperskirt (Black) ON HOLD
Shipping : $12 USA / $22 UK
Brand new condition - was worn once and dry cleaned. Fully adjustable bustline and waistline, with front corset lacing and waist bow.  Corset panel features ruffled lace inset panel.


H.Naoto FRILL skirt
$180 $150
Make an offer!

Shipping: $10 USA / $20 UK
Bought from another egl member. Features a thick layer of inbuilt petticoat and tulle trimmed with lace. Skirt is screenprinted with a crown design. Screenprint is cracked on side seam, thus the discount. 

waist: 26" - 38"


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