Snowrain (shinkuhime) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

Hasty WTB

Hello there!
I'm looking for:
- one pinkXwhite or totally white brand skirt (btssb or AP)[I'm looking for a parfait skirt by baby too]
- brand cutsews white, black, pink or red (by Meta, AP or Baby [by meta I like ice cream punkuma cutsew in red, by AP I like Mode girl collection and by Baby I like Alice in wonderland or parfait collection])
- White or black brand Socks (with any cute print and lace on the top)
I prefer to buy from europe, but for any cheap items from oversea too.
If someone wanna trade I can offer a red school series skirt by AP. Anyway I'm looking for only one cutsew, skirt and pair of socks.

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