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getting out of lolita SALE

The lolita style is pretty to look at, but I'm too much of a cow to look good in it. Time to toss it
Please give these clothes a good home ^^

All prices include shipping around US. Add $6 to ship elsewhere. PayPal preferred
Can get more measurements or pictures on request
Edit: just to cancel out a few concerns - half of these clothes were only tried on, the other half worn only once or twice (and then dry cleaned)

  • Milky Ange "Lucille" set, XL
    price: $300

    Dress (a bit heavy BTW) with buttons down front. Lined, lace-up ribbon in back to tighten up for smaller fit. Detachable bow to pin anywhere you like
    bust max: 115cm, waist max 93cm

    White blouse with cute collar (almost like sailor~style, but curves in middle) and frill on hem. Buttons down front, slightly puffed sleeves, shirred panel in back
    bust 108cm~, waist: 92cm~


  • Milky Ange "Colette Noir" top, L~XL
    price: $110

    This is, hands down, most gorgeous thing they EVER MADE
    Soft peachskin fabric & torchon lace, shirred panel in front with laceup ribbon, puffed small sleeves (this makes it different from their other Colette sets) Waist ribbon ties in back, frill around hem

    bust: 100cm~115cm
    waist: 80cm~96cm


  • Metamorphose Sailor short sleeved blouse tall-size
    price: $110

    does this really need another explanation? if you know their tall-size, you know this! Detachable tie, buttons on sleeve have been moved over a bit to fit arm better


  • Metamorphose Navy double~frilled Lace Tiered Skirt ON HOLD for nudeonthemoon

  • Metamorphose Gray Sailor Tiered Skirt
    price: $100

    Brand new (only tried on), still on its hanger and in plastic! Fully shirred waist. Comes with belt
    length 48cm (50cm counting lace) waist 64cm~102cm


  • Metamorphose Crown~lace short~sleeved Blouse tall-size, Antique White color
    price: $110

    Lovely blouse only worn for 2 hours at most.
    Shirred in back, has detachable waist ribbon
    Length 62cm, bust 105 - 120cm, waist 90 - 105cm, shoulder width 43cm

  • In The Starlight Black chrysanthemums jumperskirt
    price: $100

    3~tiered skirt, zipper in side, detachable waist ribbon, shirred back, adjustable shoulder straps (buttons in back - could be worn criss-crossed or straight)
    The "white sleeves" are NOT part of this! Its shirt underneath showing

    bust 40" / waist 35" (shirring may stretch more)

  • Blue overdress set by missmeganmaude
    price: $90

    1] blue overdress of flowery fabric and eyelet lace
    bust: 39-41", waist: 32-34",
    Ribbon ties in back into big bow so can fit smaller waist. Zipper & hook in back
    you will need a blouse and plain skirt to wear underneath!

    2] lace and roses headdress (don't want it? subtract $10 from overall price)

    3] 2 hairbows
    Same fabric/lace as overdress, come on haircombs


  • Fan+Friend Sailor Dress


  • Fan+Friend Fantasy frills dress in darkred


  • Fan+Friend Sweet loli top in darkred
    price: $60

    was made for: bust: 104cm / waist: 91cm
    shirred panel in back, frill around hem, pretty bows on straps. Zipper in side

    [[ proof of ownership ]] (the ribbon will be put back before shipping)

    Thank you for looking ^_^
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