Sakura Fubuki (fubukisakura) wrote in egl_comm_sales,
Sakura Fubuki

DS: Shirt & headdresses for sale, all US$10 with free postage

Hello. All the items on this sales page are US$10 including FREE international airmail postage. :)

If you would like to look at the higher resolution photos, please let me know. Many thanks!

Item 1. Lolita Shirt: SOLD to mmmsogood

A very classic black Lolita shirt with musical note buttons and lots of lace, it's very cute! Its material allows it to stretch slightly but I would only recommend a small person to wear it. It has only been worn for a few times and thoroughly cleaned already.

Shoulder: 34cm
Chest: 72cm
Sleeves length: 22cm (including lace)
Shirt length: 55cm


For the following headdresses, please refer to the following web site for more detailed photos, alternatively you can contact me. All of them are brand new, unworn.

Item 2:

Item 3:

Item 4:

Item 5: (Sold to fairy_scarsx)

Item 6:

Item 7:

Item 8:

Item 9:

Item 10:

Item 11:

Since there are so many items for sale, please state clearly which one(s) you would like to purchase. Thank you! :)

I only accept PayPal as the payment method. I'm very sorry for any

Please kindly note that I will not be responsible if there is any lost or damage in post. If you would like to insure the item(s), please add US$2 for each shipment.

My feedback can be found here:


Hong Kong Yahoo Auctions (in Chinese):

Hong Kong Go2HK Auctions (in Chinese):

Many thanks for looking! :)


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