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DS: Btssb Velvet Black Skirt,Ling Lam RH shoes and more...

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Baby the Stars Shine Bright Velvet Scallop Skirt
I'm soo sad about giving this skirt up.It has some of the most beautiful detail,it really does. And I'm sorry that my crappy camera cant capture more of it for you.
Waist: 24-25 inch
$65 shipped

Back                                                                                                                 Front

Other pictures

Being worn:
Extra Pic from previous owner(more poofed out here):

Montreal Rocking Horse Shoes  Sold

I thought maybe there might be a lolita out there interested in a very used pair of feet are too small for them but i wore em anyway.

Size 6 - 6.5 

$19 shipped

Blonde Dread-Wig

Im selling the dread wig i made for this photoshoot. Tt comes with heart beads skull beads and other pony beads.It has fluffy sides to give it dimension.Please visit  in the future! Unforunately my site is still under construction but i will be selling lots of  fun things once its up,clothing too!. I can of course send more pictures of this wig. I just wanted to get a feeler if anyone was interested.

Victorian Style Top with bow  Sold

Cute top!!!!omg its cuute but I'm still trying to remove some darker things from my wardrobe. I bought this from retroscope fashions and still havent worn. I have more pictures!
waist: 26-27
bust: 36 inches max

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