lynn (sushibot) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

WTB: Medical Corset, White Boots, & Tea Party Shoes

I have feedback on the loligoth dbs under sushibot.
I would like to buy within the US, but I won't ignore offers from elsewhere.

I am looking for these items and maybe some other guro related items - I'm not exactly sure what though, throw me something. I'm also looking for old or new type of tea party shoes.

Medical Corset

I've found a few on ebay like this, but they aren't the right size. Ideally I would LOVE the second corset. I need it to fit 25" waist. Looking to spend around $20-30.

White Boots
Something knee high with straps/buckles. With heel or platform, but preferably nothing over 3-4" high.
Looking to spend $50. Size 22.5 Japan/23.5 centimeters

Tea Party Shoes

They do not have to be brand new/straight from factory. I'm looking for the older style or the new style in black, red and blue. Size Small.

Thanks for your time!
Tags: !wtb

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