Chise (x_chise_x) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

DS: black petticoat

boring stuff: PayPal (w/ 2% fee) & Money Orders accepted. Anyone around Boston, MA area is welcome to meet up w/ me in person & trade/try on ^__^
I have lots of feedback in my LJ & on LoliGoth, and extra measurements or pictures on demand ^^

Fluffy black petticoat looking for a new home! ^_^ Its 2 layers of nylon, fully elastic waist, no lining

length: 60cm, waist: 70~110cm

gone and gone

the very top of waistband looks like fraying a bit, but thats from the weird zig-zag seams mostly

worn under a dress

thanx for looking, and please check out all my other sales stuffs

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