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Hi! I'm doing some closet-cleaning and am selling some things. Shipping is included in the US and I can only ship out of the US if you are willing to pay for a traceable method such as Express Mail, which regretfully, is very expensive (however, I don't want to put myself in a position where I am responsible for a lost/stolen package). Insurance will be extra, so please request it if you'd like it. I accept paypal to and the person who can pay first gets priority. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask!

Feedback: all positive on loligoth_dbs and all positive on eBay, Panda_In_Wonderland +76.

1) Putumayo Gingham Blouse - $45 Shipped
I think this is from the Spring 2003 line, because it was still in stores when I went to Japan and bought it from the Putumayo store in Harajuku. So I've had it for nearly 6 years but have only worn it out once! It looks really good with a black shirt or a black JSK.
Bust: up to 36"

2) Putumayo 2-piece Skirt - $60 shipped
This is new and unworn, however I did remove the tags because I planned on wearing it with an outfit before I switched the bottoms out for a pair of pants. There are two skirts that make up the set~ a layered-ruffled white skirt with an elastic waistband, and an adjustable black skirt that both laces up and zips up. You adjust the size by loosening the laces.

white skirt with elastic waist: 34" max waist
Because the black skirt is so adjustable due to the laces, I can't get a measurement on it.


3) Metamorphose Music Notes Special Set - $115 shipped
Although I got my first choice in colors, I was one of the unlucky people who received a dress with a broken zipper. I read on EGL that people who were worried about faulty zippers were just slipping their jsks over their heads to avoid even using the zipper so I solved my problem by just sewing the zipper shut at the part where it's broken. It's functional for the first few inches and slips over my head/arms easily. If you want to try fixing the zipper, it's easy enough to just cut the thread.

Set includes the jsk (worn once), the socks (worn twice and washed) and the jewelry (necklace and bracelet)

Bust: 36"ish, it's shirred partially in the back.
Waist: 30" but it's a higher waist
Length (of the skirt portion): 22.5"




4) Baby the Stars Shine Bright bunny hood cutsew - $50 shipped
A cute button-up cutsew with rabbit ears on the hood.

Bust: 34-35"
Waist: 32" max


5) Innocent World OP - $195 shipped
This OP is one of my favorites. It's made of a thicker material. The bust is fully shirred and sleeve caps are shirred so this can fit a variety of sizes.

Bust: up to 42", maybe a bit more. For reference in the photos, mine is 34"
Waist: the bottom of the shirred part goes up to 40"
Skirt length: 22"




6) Card Suit Print hoodie - $17 shipped
I bought this from Forever 21 for casual lolita coordinates but only wore it once and then washed it. It was the last one left and it was a size small but I bought it anyway even though I'm a medium. It's a zip-up hoodie.

bust: up to 36"
waist: up to 34"
however, these measurements are max


7) Red Crown Scarf - $8 shipped

Thanks for looking!

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