Helter Stupid. (insecurelobster) wrote in egl_comm_sales,
Helter Stupid.

DS: Brown Curly Wig and Sax/Light Blue Platform Babydoll Shoes

I accept all forms of PayPal, I ship from the US.

Curly Wig
This wig is really pretty, but I look beyond ridiculous in it. The curls are nice and springy. I paid 45 dollars with shipping for it, and I tried it on for about 5 minutes. I'd like 35 dollars shipped anywhere in the US, 38 for international.

eBay photos from the original seller, I can take my own if requested. It looks exactly like that, though.

Blue Babydoll Shoes

These shoes are pretty adorable, but I need more space in my closet. They fit a 6.5-7 in US size. Worn once, soles are cleaned off. I'd like 45 USD shipped for them in the US, let me know if you're outside of the US to calculate shipping.


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