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DS: Brand New Bodyline JSK *SOLD!!*

$50 Shipped with the U.S. (via USPS Priority) (Don't be afraid to make an offer, though!)

I just purchased this and received it today... and much to my dismay I just didn't like it. Just not my style honestly, but was something I didn't realize until it was on my body of course.

Bodyline G418 Jumperskirt. I describe it as a "baby print," I am not sure of the "proper" name if there is one.

I tried it on once, and all the tags are still attached, and I'll fold it back up into the bag it came in.

Comes with all the bows attached, and the included headbow which matches the print of the dress.

Jumper Skirt Length:37" (not measured shoulder part) Waist:29.1"-39.4" Ribbon Length:9.8"
Jumper Skirt Length:94cm (not measured shoulder part) Waist:74-100cm Ribbon Length:25cm

I'm 5'8" tall, and the length was very nice on me, longer than my other jumperskirts. Bust and waist are shirred, and very roomy. I am a 35" bust and 30" waist and the fit was plenty fine.

Stock image from cosmates:

My images:



Print closeup:

The stock image makes it look like the background of the print is white, but it is more of a cream/off white color. The ruffles (sorry, I don't know proper name) in the back are white, though.

Thanks for looking!

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