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DS: 20% Reduced Prices - BTSSB My Favorite Things skirt, Hello Kitty Hoodie, Bunny Headband & more

* All prices are in £ (GBP) and all payments and offers must be made in £ (GBP) please use a currency converter if you need to.
* Paypal payments are prefered although I will accept payments via Western Union and if you are in the U.K. cheques and postal orders.
* Please note if paying by cheque, e-cheque etc. that there will be a small delay while I wait for payment to clear as I will not post the item to you untill the payment is cleared in full.
* I aim to ship within a week of payment, however if there is a delay I will let you know about it as soon as possible.
* Prices include shipping, I will do combined shipping so please wait for me to give you a revised total price if you need it.
* Different postal services are availible on some items so please ask if you want something shipped by another method***
* Items will go to the first person who can pay the asking price
* I will only consider trades for items on my wishlist

: Postal prices only include insurance up to loss or damages of £36 and do not include tracking. If you require additional insurance or tracking this will come at extra cost so please inquire as to what the cost would be should you need it.

BTSSB My Favorite Things Skirt
Original BTSSB page -
My Pictures -
Front & Back & Worn
Details - Bought new and worn a total of 3 times so is still in perfect condition, I'll also include the
bracelet I made to match it :)
Original Price - 17,640yen
My Price (inc shipping)
U.K. - £108.95 £87.16 (via 1st class mail)
Europe - £114.93 £91.95 (via Airmail)
Worldwide -
£119.25 £95.40 (via Airmail)

NOTE: I may consider trading this for the BLACK version of the BTSSB Paris Windows skirt or a trade or partial trade for things on my

Hello Kitty - Hodded Jacket

Details - I bought this last year from a Hello Kitty Boutique but have only worn it a couple of times, the material is actually sparkly but my camera didn't seem to pick that up XD
Size - 90cm Bust, 74cm Waist, 38cm shoulder - waist, 39cm shoulder to shoulder (these are apporx. minimum measurements the material is quite stretcy so will allow a few more cm if you need it)
My Price (inc shipping)
U.K. - £7.07 £5.66 (via 2nd class post)
Europe - £7.74 £6.20 (via Airmail)
Worldwide - £8.93 £7.15 (via Airmail)

Bunny Tea Party Headband

Pictures - 1, 2, 3
Details - Never been worn (apart from to take those pictures) so still in new condition
My Price (inc. shipping)
U.K. - £6.37 £5.10 (via 2nd class post)
Europe - £7.74 £6.20 (via Airmail)
Worldwide - £8.93 £7.15 (via Airmail)

Cheap off-brand shoes size L, 24.5cm still availible for sale here [LINK]

Also thought I would mention my new Etsy shop which has some loliable accessories for sale :)

Buy Handmade

Please leave your location and paypal email address if you would like me to invoice you. Thanks <3


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