Mead, vikings, and beer.. all I need to live (zero_angel_eva) wrote in egl_comm_sales,
Mead, vikings, and beer.. all I need to live

black meta dot tulle ribbon princess blouse and an H&M bustier

- First to buy is the first to get
- Shipping not included
- Mailed from Denmark; $4 within, $7 in Europe, $9 to Other
- For registered mail the cost are; $15 Denmark, $18 Europe, $20 Other
- Paypal only at this moment

black meta dot tulle ribbon princess blouse
I hate to let this top go but I need other stuff more then this. It's only been worn maybe 3 times and of course it has been washed *by hand*. It's in perfect condition also. This blouse closes with hook and eye and the ribbons keep it secure. Bust: 80cm-113cm waist: max is 104cm, there is back ties so it can fit a small waist
Price: $110

H&M Satin bustier
I bought this a few years back and not it's just a bit too big for me. I no longer have the straps since my sister wore it one night and lost them, but any detachable bra strap will work. There is a problem with the lacing, and that is there are two knots on one lace and I suck at getting them out. Bust:82cm Waist:70cm, 4cm can be added to the bust and waist due to lacing in the back.
Price: $10

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