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First lets get the basic info out of the way.

I will happily answer any questions about sizing through commenting or PM but serious comments only please.

If there is more than one person interested in the item I will take higher offers.
If you don't like my price feel free to make a lower offer as well.

I ship from the US but am happy to ship Internationally.

Unless listed shipping is not included and is $6 within the US and $10 international

I accept Paypal and concealed cash but those that can pay immediately with Paypal get priority.
I will not do holds unless there is no other interest. I will hold for 24 hours without a down payment but any longer than that and a non-refundable down payment is required.

Trades are welcome! Don't be shy about offering things up.
However anyone that can offer one of these items for trade will get priority. I am willing to pay the difference in cost.

EDIT: I'm also looking for a mainly red or blue skirt with pink or white detailing or print on it.

I'm looking for a cropped cutsew/jacket like the items below. Can be brand or brandoff. Does not have to be limited to the designs shown below. I would love to look at any for sale even if you're not willing to trade.

Okay now here are the items I'm offering for sale!

Putumayo sailor blouse
I purchased this off Yahoo Japan and love it but I have way too many sailor items in my closet
The pink ribbon ties are not removal.

Price: $35
Once again this item fits me nicely with a 34" bust and 27" waist

Bodyline ruffle blouse. The second photo is just to show what it looks like with a vest over it which is also from Bodyline.
I'm not sure yet if I'm ready to sell the vest so make offers if you're interested. It laces tighter in the back.
The blouse came to me missing three buttons from the sleeves. I will replace them for free however you like.
If you want me to replace all the sleeve buttons for a different type that's fine or if you just want me to replace with new pearl buttons that's fine too. Each sleeve is meant to have four buttons.

Price: $20
Size: As with the others it fits my 34" bust and 27" waist but it ties a bit tigther in the back with ribbon.


These next items are just maybes! If anyone can trade for one of the above items I want I will happily give these up but otherwise it will just depend on what offers I get

The design is very close to red in color. I don't know if the stock photo I found was a different color or not but mine is very close to red on the print. It looks nice with red skirts actually. The collar and skirt are not included just shown as a coordinate example.

Price: It was recently on sale on the site for $30 I think. I bought it off the community and do not remember how much I paid so feel free to make offers. I will not sell it for less than $25 at the least.

It is strechy cutsew material so I have no doubts it can go a lot larger than my 34" bust.

This next set I would really rather only trade.

This is a quick photoshop of the two stock photos together

I WILL NOT seperate the two so please do not ask.

The undershirt has detchable long sleeves and is otherwise a full tshirt. It has the same neckline as the above meta cutsew.

34" is the max bust if you don't want to pull the logo up father than the over blouse.
The white top is made of a really thick soft cutsew type material but a lot thicker than a normal shirt.
If you want me to trade out the buttons for pink ones I will happily do so and send the black ones along with it.

I paid a lot for both of these seperately, it is very rare to find them together! I paid a around $130 to get them both and I would say the trade value should be at least $100. They have only been tried on since I purchased them.

Thanks for looking!

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