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Problems to find matching watches for your outfit?

Hello everyone!
I´m so lucky to offer you some beautiful watches. I get them from a wholesaler, so they are much cheaper than you would find them on local stores. They are real quality watches, have a 2 years guarantee for clockwork, are waterproof and absolutely nickel free. 
The only problem might be, that I live in Germany so shipping won´t be that cheap. ^^ But if you're interested in one of them, then please tell me the country you live in and I will look for the cheapest and safest way to ship them to you. Please feel free to ask questions. 
Oh, and before I forget, all prices are in EURO. And if I don´t have them in stock, please ask, I likely can get more of them if not otherwise stated. 

EDIT: I´ve been to the post office today and they told me, that watches are no longer insured higher than 25€. I´m very sorry  :-( 
 So if you buy more than on watch, the value is not insured higer than 25€. Really bad news. :-(  But I still will send with tracking number.

Pocket Watches

    ornamental pocket watch

   simple pocket watch

All pocket watches are 20€
First one only one left. (on hold)
Second one not in stock now.


Most of you will have to get them shortened. Your local watch maker can do that. I´ll ship them to you with long bracelets, to make sure they won´t be too short.

  square with light blue stones 25€ . Not in stock, sorry.

  silver drop 20€. Not in stock.

silver&gold drop style 20€. Not in stock.

  pink dots 20€ . Not in stock.

   oval silver&gold 25€
Not in stock, sorry.

  oval black style 25€. In stock.

  heart watch 25€. In stock.

comparison of height

Necklace watches

All necklace watches are 20€

front                                                                                  open                                                                            back

square necklace watch. In stock.
you can see the time without opening it. 

medaillon necklace watch. In stock.

heart necklace watch. Not in stock.

rectangle necklace watch. In stock.

comparison of height
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