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We've all fallen in a river from time to time

I've been thinking  this over in my head for a few weeks now, and I have decided that while I love lolita, the elitist brand obsessed deniziens of the lolita aether are slowly turning me into a person I don't  terribly like.  So I am moving to the friendlier, more creative and rather optimistic clime of steampunk.  As such, I am selling off my non gothic/EGA lolita in batches to buy a new sewing machine and some bits and bobs to tinker with.  I have feedback on the loligoth_dbs, as well as ebay under the name baby-angst.  I may be interested in some EGA/gothic lolita for trade, but will mostly be looking to sell.  (Specifically; Miho Matsuda, Atellier Boz, BPN, Alice and the Pirates, or anthing similar with a bustle)  The first person able to pay is the one to get the item, and I do combine shipping.  I split all papal fees with the buyer.  Cc paypal payments split the fee with the seller. (2%)

#1 Fan plus Friend Kodona Hat Size XL
It says size KL on the website, but I have a average sized girls head and it fits me perfectly.  The problem was that it was intended for my husband.  As such, it has never been worn.  Link to item on F+F's site: HERE
20.00 shipped anywhere in the US
DSC00361.jpg picture by baby-angst

#2 MetamorphoseTeddy Duffel Coat
This is an adorable bear-eared coat from Meta's last year's winter line.  It is lined and all the cuffs and hood are removable.  There is also a regular fur collar that can be switched in and out in place of the hood.  This is just back from the Dry-cleaner, and is a great winter coat.   I wore it in an Iowa winter last year, and those can get pretty cold.  It is lined, and has two pockets and a heart on the back of the coat.  this coat is in great shape, and still has many years left in it.   I'm doing a deal with my other winter lolita pieces.  If you buy this coat, the Meta earmuffs and Jane Marple mittens are only 25.00 extra each and shipping is free.  Buy all three, and I'll sell them for 225.00 shipped.
The red and black one is still up on Meta's Site HERE
185.00 shipped anywhere in the US (Includes Priority shipping, delivery confirmation, and insurance)
kaede_1227-img333x500-1166090662met.jpg picture by baby-angst
heart Toggles: http://s66.photobucket.com/albums/h255/baby-angst/?action=view&current=kaede_1227-img500x333-1166090685met.jpg
label: http://s66.photobucket.com/albums/h255/baby-angst/?action=view&current=DSC00350.jpg
Back of the Coat: http://s66.photobucket.com/albums/h255/baby-angst/?action=view&current=kaede_1227-img333x500-1166090676met.jpg

Metamorphose Heart Shaped Ear-muffs and Cream Jane Marple Mittens
These white earmuffs are heart-shaped and have a ribbon tie strap.  I usually wore my grey Jane Austen  hat, so these are in great shape. Faux Fur, I have more pictures if anyone wants to see them.
satokat-img500x501-1169911364w_mimi.jpg picture by baby-angst

#4 Cream Jane Marple Mittens
These have little pompoms attached and the cute string that goes through your coat or around your neck so they don't get lost.  (That is the main reason I bought them, as I'm forever loosing my gloves and mittens).  Nice and warm.
35.00 Shipped anywhere in the US
DSC00353.jpg picture by baby-angst

#5 Size L Metamorphose Black Boots
These are from last year's winter line as well.  I purchased these from electric_suzy, but only wore them once.  I have verrrry thin ankles and narrow feet, so they didn't fit me right.  They are knee high and come with the heart bucke straps and pair of bow clips.  Great for someone with slightly larger ankles. 
85.00 shipped anywhere in the US
Embossed Logo on the calf of the Boot:
DSC00354.jpg picture by baby-angst

#6 Metamorphose 2007 Summer Luckypack Dress
This is the white one.  I wore it two hours while sitting on my couch watching law and order, then decided I wanted the black one.  White is just not for me.  I'll trade it for the BlackxBlack one, otherwise make me an offer!
107299010029.jpg picture by baby-angst
My Photo to prove ownership: http://s66.photobucket.com/albums/h255/baby-angst/?action=view&current=1metaop.jpg

#7 Emily Temple Cute Cutsew
Boght here of EGL, it really isn't my style.  It is a light peach-ish tan color with a pink chandelier on it.
30" bust unstretched
DSC00351.jpg picture by baby-angst

#8 and #9
Emily the strange and Smashing Grandpa Cutsew
These are two cute cutsews that are just a smidge too small for me.  I am a medium, and these would better fit a size Small.  The Emily the strange one is white with tiny red and black skulls on it, and has puffed sleeves and lace trim on the sleeves and collar.  Says Size Medium, but is a Junior's shirt.  The picture is dark, but it is still a bright white.
Detail of the collar and skull pattern:
10.00 shipped anywhere in the US
Smashing Grandpa is a line they sell in boutiques that have verry cute t-shirts with puffed sleeves and sometimes rather lolita friendly designs on it (crowns, corsets, bows, cute skulls, and whatnot).  This one is pastel blue and has puffed sleeves.  It says "Lolita" on the front.  it has been worn 3 times.
DSC00357.jpg picture by baby-angst

#10 and #11
Two pairs of socks left
Knee high BTSSB cherry print socks.  Like all my white socks, they have a grey tinge on the sole from a pair of persnickety black mary janes I own.  However, this is not visible when you are wearing the socks.
#11 red Over-the Knee metamorphose Music note Socks
I bought these off EGL, but never got a chane to wear them before I switched styles, so here they are again.
DSC00352.jpg picture by baby-angst

Gothic Lolita Bible #25
This edition's theme is "flowers".  I read it once, and then put it on my shelf.  I ended up with two because my husband bought me one as a present without asking me if I had it or not yet...... ^_^
20.00 shipped anywhere in the US
(if anyone wants the cure magazine, email me, but since it isn't lolita, don't contact me here, okay?)
DSC00360.jpg picture by baby-angst

!3 and #14
Gosu Rori Home-made, and Gosu Rori #1
These are in good used condition, but are missing their patterns.  Duplicates from my mook collection.
10.00 shipped anywhere in the US for either, or 18.00 for both
DSC00359.jpg picture by baby-angst

Funhouse Skirt/pannier
This is meant to be one of those frilly tulle skirts, but I used it as a petti, and it did a not half bad job.  The picture is dark, but the colors are black and white.  Waist is max of about 37-38"
15.00 shipped anywhere in the US  
DSC00364.jpg picture by baby-angst

!6 Lolita Lola Rochinghorse Shoes Size 40
I bought these from redninjawiz, I believe, and wore them for some holiday photos last year.  Other than that, I never wore them because they are too hard for me to walk in.  They are a size 40, and I wear a US 8 1/2-9 and they are a bit big for me.  They have a tall wooden bottom with a rubber sole, and are a bright cherry red.
45.00 plus shipping (inquire for estimate)
DSC00367.jpg picture by baby-angst
DSC00365.jpg picture by baby-angst
DSC00366.jpg picture by baby-angst
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