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White x white Momo's Handicraft maryjanes... SOLD

Momo's sent me THE WRONG PAIR OF SHOES. Of course. I ordered them before reading the reviews, so I blame myself.

So now I'm thinking about selling them. They're great-looking and they're the correct size and color that I needed, but I just wanted a different style of shoe (more of a heel). The ones they sent me were THESE. Very cute, just not what I wanted. I'll provide actual photos if anyone wants, but they look almost exactly like the ones pictured. The only difference is that my shoes have a regular silver shoe buckle instead of the crystal heart one seen in the picture below:

Does anyone want to buy them from me? If so, please comment and we'll discuss it.

The price is $45 + shipping (the price I paid, though shipping to you won't be the $30 express shipping fee that I forked over, so it's a good deal). The size is US 10. Please see a shoe size converter chart to check for Japanese or European sizing.

Price is in USD.
Shipping fee to anywhere in the USA is $10
Please inquire for shipping to other countries.
SOLD TO lemonsnaps!

I have positive feedback on loligoth_dbs as well as over 100 positive feedback as both buyer and seller on eBay (please view here).
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