Cathy (lefriction) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

WTS Panic Doll Black and White Skirt and Bunny Themed Accessories!

This is a black and white skirt made by Panic Doll. It's in great condition, and has only been worn to try on. Although, it has been sitting in my drawer for some time and could use some ironing. Including the lace, it measures 48 cm (19 in) from top to bottom. It has a drawstring waist, and can fit many sizes--I have a 25 inch waist, and it's a tad bit large on me. Measuring flat, the waist is 29.5 cm (11.5 in), and can go up to 46 cm (18 in) FLAT. It's basically free size. ^-^
I would like $30 shipped within the US for it.

I am also selling bunnies like the ones above as well as custom bunnies on my etsy, here! They can be made as pins, too!

And! I have other cute things on my journal, for those that may be interested:
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