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DS: Black Bodyline Skirt

USA SHIPPING IS INCLUDED IN THE PRICE~! I will ship internationally but I need your country to get shipping quote and US buyers get priory since it's easier to ship within my own country. Sorry. T_T

The price is negotiable! Just ask. ^_^

I did have cats and dogs, so there might be hair. But I will do my best to take all of it off before shipping. Non-smoking house.

Any questions, just ask.

Payment: Paypal (I ask that if you are paying with CC-Paypal that you pay for the fees:, money order (from reliable source ex: bank, post office, ect.), concealed cash (at your own risk.) Payment expected within 3 days (unless you ask for me to hold an item). If you do not pay, the next person will get the item.

and here: (personal sales journal)
and on the Database

Black Bodyline Skirt




It's only been worn twice for really short periods of time (about 2 hours all together).

Waist: 22 - 34 inches (I think it might be able to stretch more, but I'm not sure.)

Length: Anywhere from 12.5 inches to 26.5 inches

Price: $40 $30 USD shipped (or best offer)

BxW Mini Tophat

I've only worn it twice, and I think the previous owner only tried it on once.

Price: $18 USD shipped (or best offer)

I still have other items for sale~!

Questions are welcome~! ^_^
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