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I'm trying to free up space in my closet, so I'm getting rid of a few things. I don't smoke, and I don't have any pets. I'll also be cleaning everything before sending it. It's not dirty or anything, but it has been sitting in my closet for a while. I'll accept offers, because I bought these ages ago and can't remember what I paid for them.. But I won't be accepting unreasonable offers (obviously). Also, I'll be shipping from Canada, because that's where I live. Thanks for looking!

For reference, I have a 36' bust and a 29 inch waist.
I had a 34 bust and an 26 inch waist. And at this point these items fit me.

AatP OP set

Pink x White AP OP with detachable sleeves

Black x White Baby JSK

Meta Black Blouse

The back has corset lacing
Black Meta blouse with partial shirring and corset lacing. The shirt also doesn't have those weird white spots on it... My camera is just being weird.

Offbrand cape

I bought this from a store here thinking I'd wear it, but I never have. It's really a grey colour with a ribbon tie. It also has short sleeves so I think it would be really warm for the summer.

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