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DA: Angelic Pretty, Baby, Meta, Bodyline, mostly JSKs & a ton of OTKs

Hello! After many years of inactivity, I am leaving lolita, as I do not forsee myself actively wearing the fashion (at least, in a non-casual capacity) in the future. I plan on selling my entire closet, excepting a few pieces that I want to keep because I love them too dearly. This post is not an exhaustive manifest, but the pieces that I've listed on LaceMarket so far. I'm writing this to consolidate my sales into one page, both to help myself organize, and for the readability of anyone interested.

FEEDBACK: egl_comm_sales (+175 / 0 / 0), LaceMarket (+52 / 0 / 0)

While trades are a possibility, they are very secondary to selling, as the point is to downsize, not to accumulate more things. If you want to offer something, here are some guidelines in what I would be interested in: memorabilia such as utensils & plates, stationery, accessories (e.g. jewelry), tights — essentially, items that either have a secondary purpose, or items that do not take up space / weight. Brands I enjoy other than Angelic Pretty: Automatic Honey, Q-Pot, Swimmer, Emily Temple Cute, 6%DOKIDOKI.

A note on prices: currently the items I have are !DA. At some point I will make them !DS, and I'll be happy to listen to any reasonable offers (in fact, I currently already have offers open for all my auctions). However, please respect my right to potentially decline offers as well. I am not in any hurry to sell, and a plurality of these pieces are priced at the amount I am willing to separate from them, not necessarily based off its popularity, rarity, etc. If the price is not right for you, please consider buying from another seller or simply waiting. Thank you for understanding.

Please read my full ToS before committing to any sale:

Items come from a smoke-free, pet-free household.
Used clothing are always laundered beforehand.
I accept PayPal, cash, and Venmo at your own risk.
All prices include PayPal fees (which ensure two-way protection). A cash payment from a meet-up will have those fees deducted. They do not include shipping & handling.
All payments must be made within 72 hrs of winning an auction, BIN, or confirmed sale. Failure to pay within 72 hrs will result in forefeiture of the item & a neutral or negative feedback.
I accept payment plans under only one condition: for items $300 or less, you must make a non-refundable downpayment of 25% of the final sale price. For items above $300, we will discuss a suitable amount -- also non-refundable. Otherwise, I am flexible to any arrangement. Simply contact me to propose your layaway plan.
All sales are final. I take very good care to inspect everything prior to shipment & document the condition of the pieces in my listings honestly. If I identify any flaw that I didn't notice prior to listing, I will make sure you're kept in the loop about accepting those flaws first. In those situations, I will not leave any negative feedback for backing out, as it was my responsibility.

Shipping policies:

Local buyers:
I can meet face-to-face with masks within the Bay Area; I will lower the final sale price without PayPal fees & sans shipping — contact me for details.

Domestic buyers:
Coats & heavy JSKs: $23 in a large flat-rate priority box, anywhere within the US.
JSKs: $15 in a medium flat-rate priority box, anywhere within the US.
OTKs, KCs, accessories, other small items: free, unless priority is requested (+$5).

If you want to forgo priority, that is at your risk & discretion. I am happy to send all items first-class tracked and will recalculate the shipping cost depending on the item's weight & your precise location. Please communicate with me about your preferred method of shipping before committing to a sale.

International buyers:
Please DM your country for precise shipping information. Due to COVID having impacted the USPS, the price will likely be very expensive. Expect to pay a minimum of $30, and upwards of $100+ for priority shipping.

As a rule of thumb, I generally ship the very next business day after payment has been cleared. If there is anything that prevents me from doing so, I will let you know ASAP.

My proof is Plop the owl:

Click on each entry to go to the LaceMarket listing which has more photos & a precise description of the condition of all items. For measurements, please check the reference link to Lolibrary at the bottom of each listing. All auctions are live right now; prices listed with the word "currently" indicate bidding is underway. This is not an exhaustive list, it is my first/second batch. Thank you!

✨ Angelic Pretty -- Milky Planet JSK (special set, lavender) SOLD, $871

Angelic Pretty -- Trump Carnival JSK (pink x black) $250, BIN $375

Angelic Pretty -- Etoile Twins JSK (pink) SOLD, $121

Angelic Pretty -- Ribbon Ribbon JSK SOLD, $275

Angelic Pretty -- Royal Chocolate Skirt (pink, NWOT) $250

Angelic Pretty -- Little Bear's Cafe Ruffle Skirt (mint) $175

Angelic Pretty -- Fantastic Dolly Skirt (pink, NWOT) $250

Angelic Pretty -- Melty Royal Chocolate 3-Way Rucksack With Plate (beige) $125

Baby, the Stars Shine Bright -- Chocolate Fascinate Fairytale Chocolita JSK (ivory, NWOT) $325

Baby, the Stars Shine Bright -- Friend Usakumya Lillian Skirt (mint) SOLD, $76

Baby, the Stars Shine Bright -- Fairy Fur Jacket (pink) $250

Baby, the Stars Shine Bright -- Ribbon Heart Terrycloth Cardigan $75

✨ Metamorphose Temps de Fille -- Ribbon Chandelier Skirt (black x gold) SOLD, $66

✨ Metamorphose Temps de Fille -- The March of Duck Mini Skirt (black) SOLD, $161

Bodyline -- Jintan Polka Dot Tiered JSK (gray, NWOT) $55

Bodyline -- Polka Dot Lace Short Sleeve Blouse (beige) $35

Bodyline -- Dancing Butterflies Skirt $32

Infanta -- Spring Sugar Susan Mint JSK $75

Kidsyoyo -- Winter Celebi Flannel Wool OP $135

✨ Lavender Lisianthus Floral Skirt — SOLD, $66

Emily Temple Cute -- Present Box Print cutsew (pink) — $35

I also have a ton of OTKs for sale, this being ~35%- 40% of what I intend to list:

Angelic Pretty:

Star Shower (pink) SOLD, $50
Candy Border (brown, NWT) SOLD, $51
Candy Border (lavender) SOLD, $47
Candy Border (black x pink) SOLD, $52

Candy Border (navy, NWT) SOLD, $51
Trump Argyle (blue, NWOT) $45
Dream Sky (navy, NWOT) SOLD, $46
Magical Etoile (navy, NWOT) SOLD, $71
Marionette (black x purple, NWOT) SOLD, $46
Melty Chocolate Embroidered Border (brown x pink) SOLD, $47
Fruits Parlor (mint) SOLD, $60
Fruits Parlor (black) SOLD, $70
Milky Berry (black) SOLD, $47

Wrapping Ribbon (black) SOLD, $46
HANIKAMI Bear OKTs (navy) $46
Crystal Dream Carnival OTKs (navy, NWOT) currently $56
Vanilla-chan OTKs (mint, NWOT) SOLD, $81
Radiant Candlelight OTKs (navy) SOLD, $56
French Doll OTKs (ivory, NWOT) $45
Tiny Star OTKs (dark pink, NWT) SOLD, $82

BtSSB Lace-up Ribbon OTKs (pink, NWOT) SOLD, $61
BtSSBChained Berry Memoir Lace Border OTKs (white, NWOT) SOLD, $46
AatP A/P Marine Border OTKs (black x red) SOLD, $36
AatP Queen's Coach OTKs (ivory, NWOT) SOLD, $56
Meta Multicolor Diamond Pattern OTKS (cream, NWOT) SOLD, $36
MMM Holy Cross Lace-up OTKs (black x navy) SOLD, $100
MMM Holy Cross Lace-up OTKs (navy x white, NWOT) SOLD, $151
ETC Ribbon Lace-Up SOLD, $26

Thank for looking & happy shopping :) Feel free to leave comments here if you have questions about any of the items.

Tags: !da, angelic pretty, baby the stars shine bright, bodyline, color:cream, color:grey, color:mint, color:pink, color:purple, emily temple cute, handmade, indie brand, infanta, item:bag, item:jumperskirt, item:legwear, item:skirt, metamorphose

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