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!DS: Angelic Pretty JSK, Infanta JSK, Bodyline blouse/shoes/etc


- I'm from Austria (Middle Europe)
- I'll only ship insured (because it's the safest for the both of us :-) )
- paypal only
- all prizes in USD
- we can always nogiate about the prize of course!
- shipping will be around 15-20 USD (it might be cheaper if you only buy smaller stuff like thighs,and/or live close to my country)
- here is my feedback page:
- prizes without shipping!
- if you'd like to see more photos, please don't hesitate to ask!

1) Angelic Pretty Princess Tiered JSK
- condition is very good. I only wore it a few times.
- headpiece included
- in case you want more information, here is the lolibrary link.
- sizing: I would say, it fits a size S girl the best, maybe also a small M! There is partial shiring in the back.
- prize: 100 USD
IMG_3814.JPG IMG_3812.JPG
IMG_3811.JPG IMG_3807.JPG

2) Infanta Rose Tower and Sleeping Beauty Casual Lolita JSK
- new with tag, I never wore it
- sizing: It says size M, but honestly it's more like a size S. If you are smaller around the bust area, it might also fit an M girl. (it was a bit too small for me)
- very beautiful printing. a bow is included!
- prize: 30 USD

IMG_3877.JPG IMG_3867.JPG
IMG_3865.JPG IMG_3863.JPG

Accessories, wigs, blouse etc. (everything in this section was never worn! I bought it right before or after I left lolita)
1) Japan Girl Flower Vine Hollow Out Lolita Tights
- still in original packing, I bought them after I left lolita.
- white, pretty classical looking with a flower print.
- bought it from
- prize: 3 USD


2) Socks from bodyline
- in light pink
- original packed, never worn.
- I can always unpack them for more detailed photos!
- prize: 2USD

3) Bodyline blouse
- sizing L (but as always: I ordered a size up, so it rathers fits an S or M girl)
- never wore it
- new with tag
- prize: 10USD

4) wig in medium-brown from bodyline
- again something I bought right before I left lolita, so I never wore it.
- new
- prize: 5USD

5) pink wig from yesstyle
- another wig I never wore
- it's pink. I can't tell you anything about the quality, as I didn't even try it properly.
- prize: 7USD

6) Short petticoat from bodyline
- a pretty short petticoat in the color purple
- new, I never wore it
- prize: 2USD

7) pink petticoat from bodyline
- a very good petticoat
- very fluffy (multiple layers)
- prize: 17USD

8) Bodyline shoes
- never wore them
- white
- size: 250
- prize: 12USD

Thank you in advance!
Tags: !ds, angelic pretty, bodyline, color:blue, color:brown, color:cream, color:pink, color:white, infanta, item:accessory, item:blouse, item:innerwear, item:jumperskirt, item:shoes, item:wigs

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