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Eulalie d'Etoile

!DS: AP, Metamorphose, ETC, Jane Marple, Victorian Maiden, IW and more

- Prices are in USD
- I accept paypal only
- I am accepting offers, prices are negotiable!
- If i send you an invoice i wait 24 for you to pay. Unless we agree otherwise.
- No trades
- Shipping and paypal fee is not included
- I'm not responsible for damaged, lost or broken items after i ship them.
- Items are usually shipped within 3 business days after you pay the invoice

my feedback
i have more photos of the items in my auctions HERE

Here we go:

1. Anna House short sleeve blouse $45

2. Innocent World long sleeve blouse $46   sold

3. Metamorphose polka dot skirt $60

4. Metamorphose toybox skirt $65

5. MILK lavender cardigan $32

6. set of Anna House petticoats $40    sold    

7. Innocent World earmuffs $28

these are still available from my older sale post : )
(prices lowered)

8. Jane Marple burgundy velvet dress (with tags) $72 $60

9. Victorian Maiden white cotton underdress $96 $80

10. Angelic Pretty Sugar Doll OP in lavender $145 $137

11. HeartE summer dress with bloomers and cotton lace belt $21 $20

matching bloomers:

12. Emily temple Cute playsuit in black/gray (with tags) $70 $60

13. Innocent World knee socks, $19   $12

14. BTSSB heart shoulder bag/hand bag (like new) $85  $75
this model was never sold online as far as i know, i bought this bag in BTSSB store in Kyoto.
it is very well made, leather is thick and solid, i used it a couple of times but you can't tell, it's very durable.

15. Nile Perch faux fur tail , $10
16. Innocent World box, $18     $14
17. Shirley Temple box $15  $12

thank you for watching! feel free to ask any questions and don't hesitate : )

Tags: !ds, angelic pretty, anna house, baby the stars shine bright, emily temple cute, heart e, innocent world, jane marple, metamorphose, milk, victorian maiden
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