nanathefurret (nanathefurret) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

!WTB Chess Story La Robe De Cinderella

Hello, I'm looking for Any of the La Robe De Cinderella Series. (It's my dream print to be quite honest.) I'd really prefer it to be in pink and be the JSK but if no one has that that's fine. I'll fit into a small-medium or if it's bigger I can just alter it.

Name: La Robe De Cinderella
Brand: Chess Story
Price: My budget is really not very big, preferably under $100 but if I really have to I can manage under $120. (Though I'd really prefer to stay under $100 if possible.)
Location: Texas, USA
Currency: USD
EGL Feedback link:
Tags: !wtb, taobao

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