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Chocolate event discounts and several free gifts for all orders~ ☆彡



First person to fill out and post (or message) this form, gets the item*:

Shipping (Airmail or EMS?):
(All items will be added a tracking number.)
(Filling out this form means you are willing to buy the item within 24 hours.)

(*This is only if the item is not already sold on the website or gets sold there before you are accepted as the buyer.)

LJ feedback is located here.

We do usually accept payment plans (~2 months), but we always require a non-refundable deposit of 10% to start one.

Want to split sets or think the prices are too expensive? PM us or write a comment!

The shop automatically calculates shipping for all items in your cart and all shipping options are tracked.

No returns. We do however offer full refunds for items that get lost in the mail*.

*Please read our FAQ for more information about our rules and practices.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Current offers~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Reward Program~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Did you know we have a point program where 10% are given back in points useable at the shop?
Points will automatically be added once we've shipped out your purchase~! ☆彡


Royal Creamy Chocolate Wrist Cuffs in Brown from Angelic Pretty

38$ + shipping

(Direct link to the item in the shop here)

Twinkling Ribbon Ring in Pink from Angelic Pretty

15$ + shipping

(Direct link to the item in the shop here)

Melty Nightmare Chocolate Necklace in White Chocolate from Angelic Pretty

45$ + shipping

(Direct link to the item in the shop here)

Melty Royal Chocolate Skirt in Brown From Angelic Pretty

215$ shipped tracked to anywhere

(Direct link to the item in the shop here)


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~~~~~~~~~~~~Thank you for your time!~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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