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DS: Angelic Pretty, BTSSB, Bodyline, Innocent World & more

Terms of sale

-Prices are in USD
-Paypal only, no e-checks
-I am currently NOT accepting offers. Prices are non-negotiable.
-Items go to the first person i invoice or if it sells from the store, whichever happens first.
-Leaving your paypal address does not hold your spot for an item.
-Purchases through the store must be paid for immediately, if not your item will be sold to the next interested person.
-If you request an invoice, you must pay within 24 hours of the invoice being sent. If you do not pay, your invoice will be automatically canceled.
-I will only invoice you once. If you do not pay within 24 hours and your first invoice is canceled, you will not be sent another one.
-No holds
-No trades, please don't ask
-No payment plans
-Prices listed in store are correct, please refer to store prices especially if you are looking at old posts where items may have been re stocked.
-If you commit to buy and then cancel or alter the invoice, I will leave you negative feedback!

-Shipping is NOT included
-Insurance is extra, please let me know if you want this service.
-If you are purchasing more than one item and are within the USA, please comment here with your location and i can give you a combined shipping quote.
-Shipping costs cannot be combined, altered, or refunded if you have already paid for items through ecrater.
-I am not responsible for damaged,lost or broken items once shipped.
-Shipping prices include packaging materials and tracking numbers within usa
-Items can only be shipped to the address provided by paypal
-No local pick up
-Items are usually shipped within 3 business days of payment (excludes Saturday, Sunday, and holidays)
-shipping notifications are sent through paypal

-International packages can be shipped either first class or EMS only
-*International buyers, if you wish to have your item shipped first class, I will only accept paypal payment as personal payment-gift*
-If the "gift" payment option is not available in your country, I can only ship via EMS
-Price tags will be removed for all international packages
-I am currently NOT shipping to Italy
-Customs fees are the buyer's responsibility

Other information
-I reserve the right to refuse sale to anyone
-Colours may differ slightly due to monitor settings
-We do our best to describe any flaws, though we may miss minor ones here and there. Please be aware of this when buying used products.
-All sales final. So ask any questions before you buy!
-When you purchase an item you are agreeing to all the above terms, I suggest you read them carefully before you buy.


feedback http://community.livejournal.com/eglfeedback/217351.html

Paypal invoices will no longer be sent out if you wish to only purchase one item and are within the USA, please use the store to check out
International buyers please comment here with your country for a shipping quote.

Angelic pretty star night theather bare set blue
condition: used, socks show signs of wear there is light pilling around heel of one sock. See store link for more images
includes:dress, necklace, headbow, otk, wrist cuffs
store link:http://kittycarousel.ecrater.com/p/24349803/angelic-pretty-star-night-theather

Angelic Pretty Sugary Carnival Special Set
condition: used, socks show minor signs of wear. See store link for more pictures
includes: jsk, otk, barrette
store link:http://kittycarousel.ecrater.com/p/24349794/angelic-pretty-sugary-carnival-special

AATP Treasure Hunt in the Mystic Island Mary JSK Ivory
condition: used
has two flaws in the fabric, this is how it was made. See store link for more images
store link:http://kittycarousel.ecrater.com/p/23469154/aatp-treasure-hunt-in-the-mystic

angelic pretty dream sky skirt sax
tag on the inside has the numbers of the 2011 release
condition: well used
has a few small spots,two very minor pulls, some yellowing around waistband. See store link for more images
store link:http://kittycarousel.ecrater.com/p/23469110/angelic-pretty-dream-sky-skirt

Angelic pretty Melty Chocolate Applique Skirt mint x brown
condition: well used, does not come with pins, needs to be pressed
store link:http://kittycarousel.ecrater.com/p/23469160/angelic-pretty-melty-chocolate-applique

BTSSB Bontage Nana Charmmy Skirt pink
condition: used, has two small spots on the front, there is also a mark on inside from where they sewed the tag on wrong. The waistband might have some faint yellowing it is hard to tell, and changes with lighting. needs to be pressed. See store linkf or more images
store link:http://kittycarousel.ecrater.com/p/23469165/btssb-bontage-nana-charmmy-skirt

Metamorphose Regimental Stripe Print Vest barrette set sax
condition: used
store link:http://kittycarousel.ecrater.com/p/23469195/metamorphose-regimental-stripe-print-vest

Bodyline Satin ribbon Bolero pink
condition: used, there is some very faint yellowing underarms that does not show up in pictures
store link:http://kittycarousel.ecrater.com/p/23469179/bodyline-satin-ribbon-bolero-pink

SALE Innocent world Gargoyles of Notre-Dame de Paris Waist Lace JSK beige long
condition: new, has some ink spots on front. See store link for more pictures
approx measurements:
Bust: 85cm~98cm
Waist: 64cm~81cm
Length: Long: 108cm (includes 3cm of lace)
store link:http://kittycarousel.ecrater.com/p/22588967/innocent-world-gargoyles-of-notre-dame

SALE Innocent World Classical Chocolate JSK beige
condition: new
approx measurements:
Bust: 85~98cm
Waist: 64~81cm
Length: 98cm
store link:http://kittycarousel.ecrater.com/p/22588551/innocent-world-classical-chocolate-jsk

SALE BTSSB Versailles Rose Bouquet Carlotte JSK pink
condition: new
approx measurements:
Bust: 88-96
Waist: 71-77
Length: 92cm
store link:http://kittycarousel.ecrater.com/p/22635229/btssb-versailles-rose-bouquet-carlotte

SALE Metamorphose Blooming Garden Tulle JSK pink
condition: new
approx measurements:
Bust: 86 - 100cm
Waist: 74 - 85cm
Length: 67.5cm
store link:http://kittycarousel.ecrater.com/p/22635977/metamorphose-blooming-garden-tulle-jsk

SALE Metamorphose Honey Picnic JSK mint
condition: used
approx measurements:
Bust: 86 (can go smaller) ~98 (max stretch)
Waist: 70 (can go smaller) ~98 (max stretch)
Length: 71.8cm + 3cm (frill) length (skirt length: 52cm + 3cm frill)
store link:http://kittycarousel.ecrater.com/p/22635474/metamorphose-honey-picnic-jsk-mint

SALE Bodyline Lovely poodle jsk pink
condition: used, does not come with waist ribbon, heart flocking has specs of glitter and lint stuck to it
Not marked but it appears to be a size M
approx measurements:
bust 29"
waist 26"
has partial back shirring & fabric is stretchy
store link:http://kittycarousel.ecrater.com/p/22636782/bodyline-lovely-poodle-jsk-pink

SALE Innocent World Rozen Maiden Souseiseki Cape & Pants Set
condition: new
not marked but it appears to be a size M
approx measurements:
Total Length: 33cm
Back Neck Width:21cm
Front Part Low:8.5cm
Outside Length:51cm
Hem Circumference:47cm
Inseam: 19cm
Waist: 60~74cm
store link:http://kittycarousel.ecrater.com/p/22588609/innocent-world-rozen-maiden-souseiseki

SALE Innocent World Floret Satin Frill Blouse beige
condition: new, has two small dark dots, one on front one on back, and a few small pulls in the back shoulder, see store link for more images
Size: L
approx measurements:
Waist: 78cm
Length: 53cm (including 3cm of frills)
Shoulder width: 37cm
Sleeve length: 62cm (include 3cm of lace)
store link:http://kittycarousel.ecrater.com/p/22589010/innocent-world-floret-satin-frill

SALE Innocent world Classical chocolate blouse ivory x dark brown
condition: new
not marked but it appears to be a size M
approx measurements:
Bust: 94cm
Length: 52cm (including 3cm of frills)
Shoulder width:36cm
Sleeve length:61cm
store link:http://kittycarousel.ecrater.com/p/22588920/innocent-world-classical-chocolate-blouse

SALE Taobao sweet angel button blouse white
condition: new, needs to be pressed
size M
approx measurements:
bust 32"
waist 28"
store link:http://kittycarousel.ecrater.com/p/22636060/taobao-sweet-angel-button-blouse

Angelic pretty cotton candy shop parka sax
condition: new, fabric has some small flaws, darker dots, and a small pull. see store link for more images
store link:http://kittycarousel.ecrater.com/p/22514449/angelic-pretty-cotton-candy-shop

SALE Innocent World Kuniyoshi Kaneko Alice Ribbon Head Bow sax
condition: new small ink stain on tip, one end of the bow is attached to the headband the other is not
store link:http://kittycarousel.ecrater.com/p/22588002/innocent-world-kuniyoshi-kaneko-alice

Angelic pretty cosmic scrunchie sax
condition: new
store link:http://kittycarousel.ecrater.com/p/21761184/angelic-pretty-cosmic-scrunchie-sax

Angelic pretty royal queen socks pink
condition: new
store link:http://kittycarousel.ecrater.com/p/22514435/angelic-pretty-royal-queen-socks

Angelic pretty sugar dream dome otk lavender
condition: new
store link:http://kittycarousel.ecrater.com/p/23350170/angelic-pretty-sugar-dream-dome

Angelic pretty Brigitte Regiment otk sax
condition: new
store link:http://kittycarousel.ecrater.com/p/23350176/angelic-pretty-brigitte-regiment-otk

Angelic pretty romantic angel otk brown
condition: new
store link:http://kittycarousel.ecrater.com/p/23350177/angelic-pretty-romantic-angel-otk

Angelic pretty trump carnival ring pink
store link:http://kittycarousel.ecrater.com/p/20613799/angelic-pretty-trump-carnival-ring

Angelic pretty Victorian book ring brown
condition: new
store link:http://kittycarousel.ecrater.com/p/23350114/angelic-pretty-victorian-book-ring

Angelic pretty lucky key ring mint
condition: new
store link:http://kittycarousel.ecrater.com/p/23350116/angelic-pretty-lucky-key-ring

Angelic pretty princess tiara bracelet gold x pink
condition: new
store link:http://kittycarousel.ecrater.com/p/23350190/angelic-pretty-princess-tiara-bracelet

Angelic pretty dream bunny necklace white
condition: new
store link:http://kittycarousel.ecrater.com/p/23350161/angelic-pretty-dream-bunny-necklace

Angelic pretty melty ribbon chocolate earrings brown
condition: new
store link:http://kittycarousel.ecrater.com/p/23350149/angelic-pretty-melty-ribbon-chocolate

Angelic pretty noble wrist cuffs brown
condition: new
store link:http://kittycarousel.ecrater.com/p/23350126/angelic-pretty-noble-wrist-cuffs

SALE Innocent World T-strap Ribbon Shoes chocolate
condition: new, have a bit f messy stitching and two small marks on the back of one shoe, see store link for more pictures
Size: L
store link:http://kittycarousel.ecrater.com/p/22588301/innocent-world-t-strap-ribbon-shoes

SALE Innocent World rose handkerchief black
condition: new, it is made from terry cloth
store link:http://kittycarousel.ecrater.com/p/22587917/innocent-world-rose-handkerchief-black

links to previous sales:

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