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DS: Epic closet cleaning sale! Baby the Stars Shine Bright, heaps of Japanese indie and more! =^_^=

Hello everyone! I've cleaned out my closet and everything must go! (I'm saving money for my Honeymoon in Oct)

Also, to give you an idea of measurements, my mannequin has approx. 86cm bust, 39cm shoulders.

My feedback:

- Prices are in USD (although I can price NZD for people in NZ).
- Paypal only unless we arrange for a local pickup.
- Bank payments are accepted for people in NZ.
- Local pickups available.
- I am open to payment plans.
- I am open to offers.
- I am open to trades.
- Shipping and Paypal fees are included in the price.
- International buyers are most welcome :)
- I live in a non-smoking house, but I do have a cat (she is not allowed near my clothes but I can't guarantee everything to be fur free).
- I'm not responsible for any lost/stolen packages once shipped (tracking/insurance can be added for an extra cost, just ask).
- I can ship every day of the week except the weekend when the post shop is closed.
- Shipping from Christchurch, New Zealand.

Please feel free to ask any questions :)

My proof is my Alice plushie.

Alice and the Pirates Operetta Bouquet JSK - $150
Never been worn by me, in excellent condition. Originally bought second-hand from Closet Child.
Lolibrary link here.

Metamorphose Venetian Frill OP - $200
This was my very first dress I bought directly from a major brand so is very precious to me – but, alas, it’s time to see it go. In absolutely mint condition, only been worn once or twice. I originally paid over $300 (in my local currency) for this so would like to try and get some of that back.
Lolibrary link here.

Mary Magdalene Adella Rose JSK - $120
Stunning dress, in excellent condition, originally bought second-hand from Closet Child.
Lolibrary link here.

Metamorphose lace JSK - $60
This is an absolutely lovely JSK but it just hasn't been worn. The actual colour is very hard to photograph: it looks black, but the dress is actually a dark navy colour.

Lace detail:

Despair Sailor OP - $25 SOLD

Baby, the Stars Shine Bright Back Shirring Short Sleeve Blouse - $40 SOLD

Atelier Pierrot corset blouse - $30
In good condition. The back is fully elasticated/shirred so is extremely roomy. Originally bought second-hand from Closet Child.

Bodyline cardigan - $30
Adorable red cardigan from Bodyline featuring ears, pom poms and cute bows! Been worn a few times by me, originally bought from the Bodyline website.

Handmade silk-lined wool capelet - $40
I bought this at a random Goth shop years ago. A friend of the owner made it-beautiful quality, one of a kind!

Silk lining:

Ozz Angelo cutsew -$20
Features a neat print and frilly sleeves, originally bought second-hand from Closet Child.

Qutie Frash Oriental style bell-sleeve tunic - $30
Multi functional: can be worn as a dress or over jeans/tights and off the shoulders!

Ozz Croce skirt- $30
Have been holding onto this skirt in the hope it might fit one day so time for it to go. In very good condition, originally bought second-hand from Closet Child.

Angelic Pretty two-way purse - $20 SOLD

Thank you for looking! :D
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