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Ds: closet cleaning! angelic pretty,btssbbodyline,VM, IW and more! free us shipping.

I am not responsible for lost packages once shipped.
Free shipping in the US only.
I do ship internationally.
I do not charge paypal fees.
Lj eats my pm's so let me know if you've sent a message!
These are used items and I am a single person checking for damages Please be aware some damages may be unnoticed and items can be wrinkled from storage and shipping.
I am willing to consider offers.

OP's and Jsk's
btssb coat in wine $80

good condition.
Metamorphose little squirrel OP $200

comes with all the removable bows (not pictured) and the brown tights.
worn once and dry cleaned. no damages.

Btssb coppelia OP with matching hat $250

I love it but its just not my style.
No damages. Everything included.

Angelic pretty wrapping ribbon OP $180

A couple of pulls on the chiffon but nothing major

Angelic pretty dream fantasy Jsk set (socks,head bow and jsk) sold!

small bit of greying on the bottom of the socks and some light yellowing on the end of the headband. I wasnt able to capture it on my camera.

Btssb Navy jsk with head bow $150 shipped

No damage,everything included.

angelic pretty elegant velveteen birdcage jsk $100

No damage,worn once.for more pictures go here:

Iw carriage embroidery jsk with matching headdress $250

good condition,bought secondhand.

cornet jsk $100

bought secondhand, worn once and dry cleaned.good condition

Metamorphose jsk $100

bought secondhand,never worn. good condition

Metamorphose shooting star jsk $150

Comes with all detachable ribbons and ties, and matching tights.

JapanLA my melody jsk $65 Size XL

No damages. I love it but its too big for me.


Melty ribbon chocolate nwt skirt $200

Never worn.

Bl high waisted skirt $30

proof photo:
I am the second owner, the skirt is missing the bow and is wrinkled from use.

Bl high waisted floral skirt $30

good condition, I am the first owner.

Blouses and Parkas

angelic pretty loyal rosette parka in black $50

no damages.

jane marple blouse $30

no damages. very cute sturdy blouse.

Metamorphose blouse $40

has back shirring no damages.

Milk chocolate cutsew $30

bought secondhand from closet child. has an overall worn feeling but no major damages.

Bags,hats & misc

alice book bag $40


Ap necktie $10

No damage.

antique beast choker $40

proof photo:
Good condition, never worn.

antique beast headdress $30

proof photo:
good condition.Never worn.

angelic pretty beret $60

worn often but its in good condition.

Metamorphose top hat $50

good condition. Photo lightened to show details.

Metamorphose straw hat $45

bought secondhand but never worn by me.

Victorian maiden brown full bonnet $120

good condition, small dent in the back from shipping see this picture:

angelic pretty sweet creme house katyusha $60

I am the second owner. good condition.

Innocent world logo ribbon headbow $15

I am the first owner, the ends of the ribbon are coming off the headbow, but it can easy be sewn back on.
see this picture

Btssb headdress $15

second owner. never worn, no damages.

sweet mildred voilin headbow $25

No damage, I just never wear it.

sweet mildred boat headbow $25

No damage, I just never wear it.

sweet mildred ivory headbow $20

same as above,No damage, I just never wear it.

elegy headbow $15

good condition

6%doki doki sparkle bow 2 way clip $20

no damage, second owner.

kokokim chocolate ribbon pin $15

fraying at bottom of ribbon but no damage otherwise.

elegy 2 way clip $15

good condition, never worn.

angelic pretty star ankle socks. $20

good condition, worn once and washed.

thank you for looking!
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