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!DS: Emily Temple Cute Skirt and Present Box Bag, Prices negotiable


May 24th, 21:49

Please read my terms and conditions before committing! <3 Feel free to ask me any questions if you're unsure about anything. Thank you!

1. Prices are in USD
2. Accept Paypal Only
3. Will be willing to meet-up if you are in Singapore
4. I am open to reasonable offers but priority will go the first person who leaves their paypal and is willing to pay the full price.
5. Please pay within 48 hours of  invoice, unless there is a queue for the item
6. Please note that this sale is final, items are sold as is, and I do not accept exchange, returns or refunds

* I do my best to inspect the items carefully and to list any flaws/ issues with it, but if something tiny has been overlooked, plese understand that it is human error and unintentional!
7. Buyer covers PP fees (4% + $1 this is the rate based on my location and currency)
8. I ship weekends due to being in school
9. Once item is shipped, it is in the responsibility of the postal service, thank you for understanding!
10. Please do read description of items carefully!

11. I ship my items in a bubble mailer, with the clothing in a plastic bag, unless otherwise stated. I havent had a problem with this way of shipping so far, but if you feel that you need extra protection, feel free to speak to me about it, however, do note that shipping charges will have to increase accordingly!
All my items are always cleaned and steamed/ironed (where applicable) before I send them out :)

My feedback:
EGL Feedback:

Carousell feedback:

1. Emily Temple Cute Fawn print Tiered skirt in Grey
Price: $120 shipped and tracked worldwide OBO


Waist: 26 inches (it has some stretch but i dont think it would look good past 26 inches)
Length: 16.5 inches (top of waistband to the lace hem)
Condition: 8/10
Bought new with tags on mbok, worn about 5 times, and then I couldnt fit into it anymore, sadly :(
No flaws as far as I can see
I would love to trade with the NOP in grey but I guess there is very little chance of that happening!

2. Emily Temple Cute Present Box Bag, Black
Price: $130 shipped and tracked worldwide OBO
This is an odd size and I would have to ship it in a box, which increases the shipping price drastically. Some places in the EU and Latin America might cost more to ship so please let me know your location so I may advise :)

6.5- 7 /10
Bought this second hand on the egl comm , it has signs of general scuffs due to wear and tear but other wise is still useable and the interior is in perfect condition. It is such a cute bag and can fit a whole buch of things, including a foldable umbrella, unfortunately i seldom use it and would rather see someone else make better use of it than me :)

Thank you for looking! :)

Tags: !ds, color:black, color:grey, emily temple cute, item:bag, item:skirt

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