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DS: Angelic Pretty, BTSSB, Bodyline & more

Terms of sale

-Prices are in USD
-Paypal only, no e-checks
-I am currently NOT accepting offers. Prices are non-negotiable.
-Items go to the first person i invoice or if it sells from the store, whichever happens first.
-Leaving your paypal address does not hold your spot for an item.
-Purchases through the store must be paid for immediately, if not your item will be sold to the next interested person.
-If you request an invoice, you must pay within 24 hours of the invoice being sent. If you do not pay, your invoice will be automatically canceled.
-I will only invoice you once. If you do not pay within 24 hours and your first invoice is canceled, you will not be sent another one.
-No holds
-No trades, please don't ask
-No payment plans
-Prices listed in store are correct, please refer to store prices especially if you are looking at old posts where items may have been re stocked.
-If you commit to buy and then cancel or alter the invoice, I will leave you negative feedback!

-Shipping is NOT included
-Insurance is extra, please let me know if you want this service.
-If you are purchasing more than one item and are within the USA, please comment here with your location and i can give you a combined shipping quote.
-Shipping costs cannot be combined, altered, or refunded if you have already paid for items through ecrater.
-I am not responsible for damaged,lost or broken items once shipped.
-Shipping prices include packaging materials and tracking numbers within usa
-Items can only be shipped to the address provided by paypal
-No local pick up
-Items are usually shipped within 3 business days of payment (excludes Saturday, Sunday, and holidays)
-shipping notifications are sent through paypal

-International packages can be shipped either first class or EMS only
-*International buyers, if you wish to have your item shipped first class, I will only accept paypal payment as personal payment-gift* This option is not available for items over $100 they will only be shipped EMS.
-If the "gift" payment option is not available in your country, I can only ship via EMS
-Price tags will be removed for all international packages
-I am currently NOT shipping to Italy
-Customs fees are the buyer's responsibility

Other information
-I reserve the right to refuse sale to anyone
-Colours may differ slightly due to monitor settings
-All sales final. So ask any questions before you buy!
-When you purchase an item you are agreeing to all the above terms, I suggest you read them carefully before you buy.


feedback http://community.livejournal.com/eglfeedback/217351.html

Paypal invoices will no longer be sent out if you wish to only purchase one item and are within the USA, please use the store to check out
International buyers please comment here with your country for a shipping quote.

Bodyline sailor jsk black
condition: used, comes with belt. there is slight discoloration around collar will not show up in pictures.
approx measurements:
size M
Bust: 34", Waist: 28", Length: 36"
store link:http://kittycarousel.ecrater.com/p/19036660/bodyline-sailor-jsk-black

angelic pretty melty royal chocolate parka brown
condition: new
approx measurements: length: About 60cm
Shoulder width: About 35cm
Bust: about 84cm
Waist: about 82cm
Sleeve Length:
About 59.5cm
Cuff:About 22cm
store link:http://kittycarousel.ecrater.com/p/18696849/angelic-pretty-melty-royal-chocolate

SALE btssb x nana kitade charmmy kitty camisole white
condition: used, there is a tiny tiny slightly darker spec on the front bottom of the shirt like a darker fiber got trapped in the threads
approx measurements:bust 28"
waist 26"
store link:http://kittycarousel.ecrater.com/p/18710918/btssb-x-nana-kitade-charmmy-kitty

btssb x nana kitade charmmy kitty camisole pink
condition: used
approx measurements:bust 28"
waist 26"
store link:http://kittycarousel.ecrater.com/p/18710916/btssb-x-nana-kitade-charmmy-kitty

Ozz on sheer ruffle front blouse grey
condition: used, one armhole has damage to fabric
approx measurements: bust 30"
store link:http://kittycarousel.ecrater.com/p/18697158/ozz-on-sheer-ruffle-front-blouse

Angelic pretty melody doll bonnet black
condition: used
store link:http://kittycarousel.ecrater.com/p/21884517/angelic-pretty-melody-doll-bonnet

Angelic pretty Fancy Paper Dolls OTKs black
condition: new
store link:http://kittycarousel.ecrater.com/p/21067730/angelic-pretty-fancy-paper-dolls

SALE Angelic pretty french doll otk sax
condition: new
store link:http://kittycarousel.ecrater.com/p/19920301/angelic-pretty-french-doll-otk

Angelic pretty wonder cup purse black
condition: used, has a small scratch on back underside of purse
store link:http://kittycarousel.ecrater.com/p/18748548/angelic-pretty-wonder-cup-purse

SALE Listen favor cat emblem purse hot pink
condition: well used, has overall sings of wear, inside of purse has some stains outside of bag has sings of wear, a few dark marks and scuffs on corner printing. see store link for more images of damage
the straps make the purse heavy
about 8.5" x 11.5" x 5"
store link:http://kittycarousel.ecrater.com/p/18697152/listen-favor-cat-emblem-purse

SALE angelic pretty magical pony bangle sax
condition: used
store link:http://kittycarousel.ecrater.com/p/18748572/angelic-pretty-magical-pony-bangle

angelic pretty fancy melody bangle red
condition: used
store link:http://kittycarousel.ecrater.com/p/18710897/angelic-pretty-fancy-melody-bangle

Angelic pretty chocolat frame pearl bracelet brown
condition: new
store link:http://kittycarousel.ecrater.com/p/18737921/angelic-pretty-chocolat-frame-pearl

Angelic pretty party ribbon bracelet pink
condition: used
store link:http://kittycarousel.ecrater.com/p/18710913/angelic-pretty-party-ribbon-bracelet

Angelic pretty Royal Chocolate Wrist Cuffs white
condition: new
store link:http://kittycarousel.ecrater.com/p/20245223/angelic-pretty-royal-chocolate-wrist

Angelic pretty wonder cookie wrist cuffs blue
condition: new, lace has a purple tint to it, but Angelic Pretty considers this the "blue" version
store link:http://kittycarousel.ecrater.com/p/21921192/angelic-pretty-wonder-cookie-wrist

angelic pretty pure lady doll wrist cuffs brown
condition: new, recommended for smaller wrists no larger than 5.5"
store link:http://kittycarousel.ecrater.com/p/18748544/angelic-pretty-pure-lady-doll

Kitty Carousel Pegasus sparkle chiffon wrist cuffs sax
condition: new
store link:http://kittycarousel.ecrater.com/p/21950706/kitty-carousel-pegasus-sparkle-chiffon

Kitty carousel Candy lace wrist cuffs lavender
condition: new, lace and ribbon are slightly off white
store link:http://kittycarousel.ecrater.com/p/21950713/kitty-carousel-candy-lace-wrist

angelic pretty tokimeki ring mint
condition: new
store link:http://kittycarousel.ecrater.com/p/21067782/angelic-pretty-tokimeki-ring-mint

angelic pretty magical pony ring pink x pink
condition: used
store link:http://kittycarousel.ecrater.com/p/18748568/angelic-pretty-magical-pony-ring

chocomint unicorn ring pink
condition: new
store link:http://kittycarousel.ecrater.com/p/19101331/chocomint-unicorn-ring-pink

chocomint unicorn ring cream
condition: new
store link:http://kittycarousel.ecrater.com/p/19101329/chocomint-unicorn-ring-cream

chocomint unicorn ring mint
condition: new
store link:http://kittycarousel.ecrater.com/p/19101328/chocomint-unicorn-ring-mint

chocomint unicorn ring lavender
condition: new
store link:http://kittycarousel.ecrater.com/p/19101327/chocomint-unicorn-ring-lavender

Angelic pretty chocolat frame pearl choker pink
condition: new
store link:http://kittycarousel.ecrater.com/p/18737925/angelic-pretty-chocolat-frame-pearl

Kitty Carousel ice cream star necklace pastel
condition:new, necklace is delicate please wear with care
store link:http://kittycarousel.ecrater.com/p/21885363/kitty-carousel-ice-cream-star

Kitty Carousel ice cream candy necklace green
condition:new, necklace is delicate please wear with care
store link:http://kittycarousel.ecrater.com/p/21885355/kitty-carousel-ice-cream-candy

Kitty Carousel ice cream candy necklace blue
condition:new, necklace is delicate please wear with care
store link:http://kittycarousel.ecrater.com/p/21885355/kitty-carousel-ice-cream-candy

Kitty Carousel angel parfait necklace pink
condition: new, necklace is delicate please wear with care
store link:http://kittycarousel.ecrater.com/p/21885359/kitty-carousel-ice-cream-candy

Kitty Carousel angel parfait necklace sax
condition: new, necklace is delicate please wear with care
store link:http://kittycarousel.ecrater.com/p/21885346/kitty-carousel-angel-parfait-necklace

Kitty Carousel angel parfait necklace yellow
condition: new, necklace is delicate please wear with care
store link:http://kittycarousel.ecrater.com/p/21885348/kitty-carousel-angel-parfait-necklace

aatp skull key phone strap
condition: new, back of key has some scratching
store link:http://kittycarousel.ecrater.com/p/18748576/aatp-skull-key-phone-strap

Lolita flyer/ sticker lot
condition: new, with some damages please bear in mind these are flyers, and were never treated as collectables
see store link for more detailed photos
juliette et justine fliers x3
one flier has a fold through the middle
one is all over crinkled
one slightly dented on edges
angelic pretty flat sheet set
no damage
Mam fliers x 2
no damage
angelic pretty stickers x2
one rectangle
one heart
hangry & angry sticker x1
store link:http://kittycarousel.ecrater.com/p/19592396/lolita-flyer-sticker-lot

links to previous sales:

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