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[DS]: Angelic pretty items, Innocent world oldschool OP, Bodyline shoes, ready for new homes!

- Shipping from Oslo
- Prices are in USD

- Shipping is via Posten (Norway), Worldwide 17 usd
- Payment via Paypal
- Paypal fees included.
- If my feedback is not large enough, I can provide my facebook.
EGL Feedback link: :

Name: Bird cage dress, red velveteen.
Brand: Angelic pretty
Price: 120 usd
Condition: 5/5
Description: Includes head bow. This is a gorgeous dress with a lot of lace and small bows. It really hurts to let it go, but it does not fit my wardrobe.
Proof photo: It has a bow in the back!

Name: Old school OP
Brand: Innocent world
Price: 115 usd
Condition: 4/5
Description: Previous owner reported some decoloration and yellowing of the lace by its age, but I have not really found any spots. I just got this beautiful dress, but it is indeed too short for me. I bought it knowingly, but took the risk. Total length is 85 cm, and it is not shirred. Waist of 70-72 cm, bust 85 cm.
Proof picture:

Offbrand tights, fits best 1.60 m height, only tried, 5 usd

AatP OTK, bought second hand, previous seller reported never have worn or tried, I only tried them once, 25 usd

ITEM # 5
Name: Handmade oldschool skirt
Brand: Handmade by a professional
Price: 5 usd
Condition: 3/5
Description: It has peeling in several parts, but not noticeable while worn. Has waist ties, not shirred. Fits waist of 75-80 cm


Name: Cosmic tote bag in lavender
Brand: Angelic pretty
Price: 65 usd
Condition: 4/5
Description: It has some darkening shown in the second proof picture
Proof photo:

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