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DS: Closet Cleaning: Taobao/AP/Aatp/ETC/Algonquin/offbrand


My rules:
❤~ I ship from France.
❤~ I'm not responsible for the lost package. If you're not agree please don't buy.
For sales:
❤~ If I pay less for the shipping, I'll refund you.
❤~ Paypal fees are not inclued (I inclued them when I invoice)
❤~ I accept paypal, checks for french buyer
❤~ If you dont like the prices just MP me
❤~ Of an increase in shipping in France, I prefer European buyers, but International is ok. Just take into account that the shipping can be high.
For trades:
❤~ I looking for otome: ETC, jane marple, shirley temple (160). But just show me what you have.
I like simple lolita dress. I'm looking for the dramatic rose OP from AP and the fox & deer print from ETC.

❤~ My feedback

~Clow circle Taobao skirt
I just received my clow circle skirt and I’ll not wear it because I left the lolita fashion.
The skirt is still in the package, I removed it once just to see the state and put the ribbon on the shirring. I noticed a little hole in bottom of the skirt, It can be fixed (If you want picture, just ask). I do a discount on the price because of the hole.
The waist is 62-74cm. 74cm is really the maximum size possible.
Price: 45 euros

~ETC vintage market OP in offwhite.
In very good condition. No flaws or stains.
Max bust 88 cm, no shirring.
I accept trade for another ETC or leur getter prints or the aatp hymn jsk.
Price: 150 euros 100 euros 75 euro (+ shipping & pp fess)

~Angeic pretty Melody Doll OP in pink
It's an old collection (2006) and a thick fabric so the dress is not like new (and you probably never find it like new), there some pilling on the dress. And there is a tiny stain on the fabric (ask me if you want a picture), I buy it like that.
I don't wear it anymore since I'm more into black color so I'm thinking of sell this dress.
bust: 83 to 90cm / waist: 70cm / No shirring / elastic shoulders
Price: 150 euro 130 euros (+ shipping & pp fees)

~Algonquins JSK + choker
Some pillings otherwise in good condition.
No shirring, waist tie (not detachable). Bust is 90cm max, 73cm waist max.
Price: 60 euro 48 euro (+ shipping & pp fees)

~Alice and the pirates white prince conrad blouse
In very good condition. Bust 90cm max/ waist 73max
Price: 50 40 euro
(+ shipping & pp fees)

~Offbrand white blouse
Some tiny yellow stains under arms. Size S-M (some stretch materials)
Price: 7euro 5 euro (+ shipping & pp fees)

~Offbrand off-white blouse
Size S, in good condition
Price: 10euro 5euro (+ shipping & pp fees)

~Offbrand pink boléro
In good condition. S-M size
Price: 10euro 8euro (+ shipping & pp fees)

Thank You!
Tags: !ds, algonquins, alice and the pirates, angelic pretty, emily temple cute, offbrand, taobao

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