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DS: Pina Sweetcollection, Putumayo, A+Lidel

-Shipping not included in prices, please comment with location for shipping quote.
-Shipping from NC, USA. (all prices in USD)
-Paypal only
-No holds, trades, or payment plans
-Items will be sold to first person who can pay.
-Items from a non smoking home
-Items from a cat owning home
-EGL Feedback link: http://eglfeedback.livejournal.com/530096.html

ITEM # 1
100_3862 (1024x682)
Name: NWT Pina Sweet Collection Chocolate Brown Velveteen Bustle Skirt
Brand: Pina Sweet Collection
Price: $85.00 $58.00
Condition: 5/5
Description: This is a beautiful velveteen skirt, with a cotton bustle back and removable velveteen waist ties. Perfect for classic lolita.
It is NWT. I tried it on twice.
I have been holding onto it for some time now in hopes it would fit some day but I finally given up on that idea and decided to put it up for sale.
The waist is 22-25 inches aprox. Maybe will go up to 26 inches. It has partial elastic in the back that does not have a whole lot of stretch to it. There is a possibility of moving the clasp a few cm over to make a little more room.
The length is 21.5 inches.
The skirt will hold a light/medium petti, nothing too over the top.
The velvet has collected a little lint over time, but I will try to remove it all before shipping. I apologize for my poor photography. The pictures do not do this beautiful skirt justice.
Additional photos:
100_3854 (1024x683)
IMG_4835 (802x1024)
IMG_4837 (1024x683)
IMG_4838 (1024x683)

ITEM # 3
Name: 2 Pink Tshirt/Cutsews
Brand: Putumayo and A+Lidel
Price: $10.
Condition: 2/5
Description: 2 Tshirts that I bought in Japan in 2006. They both have stains.
Please see description of each shirt bellow.
1. Putumayo Dolly Shirt.
Lots of faint stains in various places. (neckline and front of shirt near the picture)
Should fit people 5’4 and under, and US size xs/s for a looser fit, or m for a snugger fit.
The measurements unstretched are –
Bust: 33 Inches unstreched (Recommend for under 36 inch bust.)
Waist: 30 inches unstreched (Recommend under 32 inch waist.)
Shoulders: 16 inches across back.
Length: 20 inches.
s-l1600 (6)
s-l1600 (7)
s-l1600 (9)

2. A+Lidel Trumps Tshirt.
Faint staining around neckline.
Should fit people 5’4 and under, and US size xs/s for a looser fit, or m for a snugger fit.
Bust: Recommend 35 inch bust & under.
Waist: Recommend 30 inch waist & under
Shoulders: 18 inches across back.
Length: 19 inches
s-l1600 (4)
s-l1600 (8)

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