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DS! Leaving Lolita Sales Part 1: Misc. dresses and skirts

Please pm paypal instead of leaving it in the comments~! :)
-Priority goes to whoever indicates that they will pay full price first. Interest does not give you a place in line. Neither does asking of questions. If you ask for a payment plan, you are automatically assumed not to be paying full price immediately(and thus lose priority, if you were first in line, even if you left your paypal address. Please do not expect me to predict whether or not you were actually willing to pay full price if you ask for a payment plan.)
- To buy an item, please PM me with the item name and your paypal address! Please do NOT leave your paypal email in the comments. <-- this is very important!
-Tracking is $2.25 always and is optional. Please let me know if you wish to add tracking to your item when you ask to be invoiced. =) Tracking will add insurance for up to 68 SGD to your package. Some countries have stricter customs, and they may hold your items for a long time. In such a case the item tracking may not be updated for a long time. While I will be unable to find out where your item is, I can submit a registered item enquiry on request after 18 working days of non-receival. From experience, this process is neither fast, efficient or effective though, but the parcel generally makes it through. I would appreciate it if you could keep me updated on its status. =)
-Payment by paypal or meetup or (bank transfer for local buyers only)
-Prices are in USD and include paypal fees.

-Feedback is here: http://eglfeedback.livejournal.com/1046342.html
- I will not ship an item to an address that is not registered on your paypal address.
-I reserve the right to refuse a sale.
-I can measure items for you, but please understand that I am an amateur and they may not be accurate.
-The price of shipping is listed next to the price of each item, and is the same no matter which country you are in or what your zipcode is.
-Due to contraints on my time during the school term I will most likely be unable to leave you feedback. Sorry!


Items arranged according to price.

1) Emily Temple Cute Gingerbread Skirt *Severe Water-run damage* $10 + $10 intl shipping SOLD

The black dye of this skirt has run onto the gingerbread print. The damage is uneven and the entire print is affected. Please accept that this is a severely damaged item before buying.

Waist: 60-70cm
Length: 47cm
Skirt closes with a zip and hook, and has a partially elasticated waist.

2) IW Pink Floral Chiffon SK $45 + $18 intl shipping SOLD

There is a small stain on the inner lining of the skirt. This is not visible when worn.

The skirt is in otherwise good condition.

Waist: 64 - 77cm

Length: (including tulle ruffle) 54cm


3) BtssB Biscuit Print Cardigan $46 + $13 intl shipping

Item has an overall feeling of wear. The print is in generally good condition though there are some slight cracks and the print has attracted black ‘fuzz’ from the cardigan’s main material.

Width: 89cm unstretched
Length: 45cm

BtssB Biscuit Cardigan
biscuit cardigan detail

4) BtssB Usakumya’s Stylish Sweet Time SK $55 + $10 intl shipping

An old print from 2008, still in great condition. Lining. A lightweight material. Fully elasticated waist.

Waist: 51 - 102cm
Length: 47cm


5) Metamorphose Swan Print SK $60 + $15 intl shipping SOLD
Fully-elasticated waist. In good condition.
Waist: 50 - 106cm
Length: 50cm

6) Putumayo Cat Windows SK $65 (BlackXWhite) (Flawed) + $12 intl shipping
The iconic cat window print, cotton skirt with tulle overlay. Fully elasticated waist.

This item has several flaws. There are small rips in the tulle, as well as black scuffs that appear to have been from the print rubbing off on the white fabric. These flaws are not noticeable when worn. Please refer to photographs for details and understand that this is a damaged item before purchase. These small flaws are common over the whole skirt and are hard to spot. There are more flaws than pictured in the photographs because the damage is generalised and not visible in a photo taken at a distance.

Waist: 70 - 100cm
Length: 47cm

cat windows

7) Victorian Maiden Rococo Ribbon Frill OP $100 + $25 intl shipping SOLD


Detachable bow pins.
Bust: 90cm
Waist: 72cm
Length: 97cm (I have double-checked the measurements myself with the ones on the official page. They are correct) There is no shirring or stretch to the material. This dress is in good condition.

8) Dance of the Black Cats SK (Red) $115+ $17 intl shipping
In good condiiton. Waist ties have a lovely piano pattern.

Waist: 60-71cm
Length: 49cm
dance o' the black cats
waist ties

9) BtssB Sleeping Beauty SK in Navy $140 + $18 intl shipping

Waist:  62cm - 90cm

Length: 58cm

I have the original tags for this skirt but will not include them unless you request it, because the selling price is lower than the original price, it might cause problems for you at customs.

BtssB Sleeping Beauty SK
Sleeping Beauty detail
sleeping beauty brooch detail

10) Juliette et Justine Chiffon Skirt size 1 $160 + $23 intl shipping

Official name unknown. As part of the design, the frills are not finished at the edges, leading to a naturally deconstructed appearance. Caution! This skirt is very voluminous and very fluffy.

Waist: 65cm
Length: 61cm

There is no stretch to the material.

JetJ Pink Chiffon Skirt

11) Mary Magdalene Ekaterina JSK in Pink *Slight flaw present* $220 + $25 intl shipping SOLD

One of the dresses that first pulled me into lolita. A timeless classic design from MM. The sizing is small. There is no stretch but there is some corsetting to pull the dress tighter. Pink bow brooch is removable.

On close inspection there is a small yellow dot of about 0.1 cm in diameter, near the pink bow brooch, to the left of where the skirt splits to reveal layers of lace.. This flaw is not noticeable when worn but price has been reduced accordingly. The dress is in otherwise good condition.


Thank you for looking, have a good day!

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