Sako Akarui (acanismajoris) wrote in egl_comm_sales,
Sako Akarui

!DS - Direct Sale : Mary Magdalene OP

I'm hoping this item will find a good home where it can be appreciated as it deserves! Paypal is preferred, and shipping is not included. I will verify the price of shipping before the sale goes through. I'm in the US, Washington DC precisely; all prices are in USD. I've linked to Lolilibrary for reference, both for the dress as worn and for sizing information.

Mary Magdalene: Eglantyne OP (2006)
Price: $140
Condition: 5/5. Carefully cared for, no imperfections that I have ever seen in my years owning this dress. No smoking or pets at any time around this dress either.
Description: The dress has a really nice sweatheart neckline and is fully lined. It is a well-shaped dress that falls well, too. There is a ribbon tie in the back but the form of the dress dictates the sizing and it only changes the adjustment a small amount.

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Tags: !ds, color:pink, item:onepiece, mary magdalene

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