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DS: Angelic pretty, Metamorphose, BTSSB & more

Terms of sale

-Prices are in USD
-Paypal only, no e-checks
-I am currently NOT accepting offers. Prices are non-negotiable.
-Items go to the first person i invoice or if it sells from the store, whichever happens first.
-Leaving your paypal address does not hold your spot for an item.
-Purchases through the store must be paid for immediately, if not your item will be sold to the next interested person.
-If you request an invoice, you must pay within 24 hours of the invoice being sent. If you do not pay, your invoice will be automatically canceled.
-I will only invoice you once. If you do not pay within 24 hours and your first invoice is canceled, you will not be sent another one.
-No holds
-No trades, please don't ask
-No payment plans
-Prices listed in store are correct, please refer to store prices especially if you are looking at old posts where items may have been re stocked.
-If you commit to buy and then cancel or alter the invoice, I will leave you negative feedback!

-Shipping is NOT included
-Insurance is extra, please let me know if you want this service.
-If you are purchasing more than one item and are within the USA, please comment here with your location and i can give you a combined shipping quote.
-Shipping costs cannot be combined, altered, or refunded if you have already paid for items through ecrater.
-I am not responsible for damaged,lost or broken items once shipped.
-Shipping prices include packaging materials and tracking numbers within usa
-Items can only be shipped to the address provided by paypal
-No local pick up
-Items are usually shipped within 3 business days of payment (excludes Saturday, Sunday, and holidays)
-shipping notifications are sent through paypal

-International packages can be shipped either first class or EMS only
-*International buyers, if you wish to have your item shipped first class, I will only accept paypal payment as personal payment-gift*
-If the "gift" payment option is not available in your country, I can only ship via EMS
-Price tags will be removed for all international packages
-I am currently NOT shipping to Italy
-Customs fees are the buyer's responsibility

Other information
-I reserve the right to refuse sale to anyone
-Colours may differ slightly due to monitor settings
-We do our best to describe any flaws, though we may miss minor ones here and there. Please be aware of this when buying used products.
-All sales final. So ask any questions before you buy!
-When you purchase an item you are agreeing to all the above terms, I suggest you read them carefully before you buy.


feedback http://community.livejournal.com/eglfeedback/217351.html

Paypal invoices will no longer be sent out if you wish to only purchase one item and are within the USA, please use the store to check out
International buyers please comment here with your country for a shipping quote.

Angelic pretty fantasic dolly op / headbow set pink
condition: used, light yellowing around the inside collar
approx measurements:
Length: 86.5+3.5 cm
store link:http://kittycarousel.ecrater.com/p/19036686/angelic-pretty-fantasic-dolly-op

Metamorphose Kimono Print Frill Ribbon Pinafore JSK Black
condition: well used, fabric is a bit faded, bow has been moved to front of dress
approx measurements(from lolibrary):
Bust: 88cm (34.6in)
Waist: 73cm (28.7in)
Length: 85cm (33.4in)
store link:http://kittycarousel.ecrater.com/p/23469134/metamorphose-kimono-print-frill-ribbon

Angelic pretty vintage stripe skirt black
condition: used, does not come with brooch
approx measurements:
Waist: ~76
Length: 39 + 1
store link:http://kittycarousel.ecrater.com/p/21761197/angelic-pretty-vintage-stripe-skirt

SALEInnocent world delft lotta skirt blue
condition: new, skirt is a bit blue green innocent world refers to it as blue
approx measurements:
Waist: 73
Length: 42 (Includes 2cm lace)
store link:http://kittycarousel.ecrater.com/p/20402312/innocent-world-delft-lotta-skirt

Putumayo cat skirt black
condition: used, skirt is two layers one is fully elastic the other has no elastic.
outer skirt approx measurements:
waist about 25"
length about 17"
store link:http://kittycarousel.ecrater.com/p/20423081/putumayo-cat-skirt-black

Angelic pretty dot dobby blouse sax
condition: used
store link:http://kittycarousel.ecrater.com/p/21773902/angelic-pretty-dot-dobby-blouse

Angelic pretty colorful ribbon salopette & romper lavender
can be worn as skirt, shorts, salopette, or romper
condition: used, needs to be pressed
approx measurements:
Skirt: 36.5cm length, 80cm waist
Pants: 15cm inseam, 80cm waist
store link:http://kittycarousel.ecrater.com/p/18947473/angelic-pretty-colorful-ribbon-salopette

Angelic pretty gingham frill jsk pink
condition: used, needs to be pressed
approx Measurements: 88cm length, 89cm bust, 70cm waist
store link:http://kittycarousel.ecrater.com/p/18394950/angelic-pretty-gingham-frill-jsk

SALEAngelic pretty sweet jam jsk black
condition: new
Measurements: 87cm length, 88cm bust, 68cm waist
store link:http://kittycarousel.ecrater.com/p/17445959/angelic-pretty-sweet-jam-jsk

AATP plaid asymmetrical skirt purple
approx measurements: waist 25"
store link:http://kittycarousel.ecrater.com/p/17445979/aatp-plaid-asymmetrical-skirt-purple

SALEAngelic Pretty School Mate parka OP sax
measurements:79cm length, 32cm shoulder width, 86cm bust, 83cm waist, 17.5cm sleeve length, 30cm cuff
store link:http://kittycarousel.ecrater.com/p/17445998/angelic-pretty-school-mate-parka

Angelic Pretty party princess cutsew pink
condition: well used. does not come with armwarmers
comes with removable bow pin (not pictured)
approx measurements:
47cm + 4cm (lace) length, 80cm bust, 70cm waist
store link:http://kittycarousel.ecrater.com/p/22126491/angelic-pretty-party-princess-cutsew

Angelic pretty triple ribbon cutsew pink
condition: used
approx measurements:
store link:http://kittycarousel.ecrater.com/p/20112190/angelic-pretty-triple-ribbon-cutsew

Metamorphose Card Playing Kitty Hoodie dusty pink
condition: used, comes with card brooch not pictured
approx measurements:
Bust: 82
Waist: 82
Length: 51cm
store link:http://kittycarousel.ecrater.com/p/21773913/metamorphose-card-playing-kitty-hoodie

Angelic pretty Cinema cat cutsew pink
condition: new with a stain on the back of one of the sleeves. It looks like someone tried to remove it.
approx measurements:
Bust: 84
Waist: 78
Length: 55cm
store link:http://kittycarousel.ecrater.com/p/20402320/angelic-pretty-cinema-cat-cutsew

Btssb sweet poodle tank top black
condition: used
approx measurements:
store link:http://kittycarousel.ecrater.com/p/20112177/btssb-sweet-poodle-tank-top

Angelic pretty colorful sherbet camisole mint
condition: used, does not come with removable bow
approx Measurements: 47cm length, 73cm bust, 70cm waist
store link:http://kittycarousel.ecrater.com/p/20112172/angelic-pretty-colorful-sherbet-camisole

Metamorphose cherry pocket shorts pink
condition: used, have pilling between legs. may have slight yellowing around waist band, its very light and hard to tell.
size S
approx measurements: waist 26", inseam 12" hip 34"
store link:http://kittycarousel.ecrater.com/p/18394918/metamorphose-cherry-pocket-shorts-pink

Angelic pretty fancy paper dolls tights black
condition: new
store link:http://kittycarousel.ecrater.com/p/19525313/angelic-pretty-fancy-paper-dolls

Angelic pretty shy bear otk sax
condition: new
store link:http://kittycarousel.ecrater.com/p/17741787/angelic-pretty-shy-bear-otk

Angelic pretty shy bear otk navy
condition: new
store link:http://kittycarousel.ecrater.com/p/17741784/angelic-pretty-shy-bear-otk

SALEAngelic pretty royal chocolate socks
condition: new will NOT come with a tag,from the first release
store link:http://kittycarousel.ecrater.com/p/17446094/angelic-pretty-royal-chocolate-socks

Angelic Pretty fantasy theater tights blue
condition: new
store link:http://kittycarousel.ecrater.com/p/19636703/angelic-pretty-fantasy-theater-tights

SALEAngelic pretty whip show case tights pink
condition: new
store link:http://kittycarousel.ecrater.com/p/17498054/angelic-pretty-whip-show-case

SALEAngelic pretty whip show case tights lavender
condition: new
store link:http://kittycarousel.ecrater.com/p/17498057/angelic-pretty-whip-show-case

angelic pretty promenade de paris tights sax
condition: new
store link:http://kittycarousel.ecrater.com/p/19814560/angelic-pretty-promenade-de-paris

Alice and the Pirates candy cat pin orange
store link:http://kittycarousel.ecrater.com/p/22099965/alice-and-the-pirates-candy-cat

SALEMetamorphose Butterfly necklace
pink x yellow
condition: used
store link:http://kittycarousel.ecrater.com/p/17446167/metamorphose-butterfly-necklace

Galaxy ice cream necklace pastel rainbow
about 21.5" long not including dangled charm with 2" chain extension
store link:http://kittycarousel.ecrater.com/p/18133913/galaxy-ice-cream-necklace-pastel

sweet icing necklace mint x pink x white
condition: new
chain about 19" with about 2" chain extension
hand crafted item may vary slightly from picture
store link:http://kittycarousel.ecrater.com/p/18133899/sweet-icing-necklace-mint-x-pink

Angelic pretty queen clover ring black
condition: new
store link:http://kittycarousel.ecrater.com/p/22650188/angelic-pretty-queen-clover-ring

Angelic pretty queen diamond ring red
condition: new, it has two small dents on the back edge of the ring it appears to have been made this way
store link:http://kittycarousel.ecrater.com/p/22650183/angelic-pretty-queen-diamond-ring

angelic pretty candy stripe ring purple x white
condition: used
store link:http://kittycarousel.ecrater.com/p/21761213/angelic-pretty-candy-stripe-ring

Angelic pretty spade cookie ring
condition: used. ap lists this ring as sax, but its a minty blue.
store link:http://kittycarousel.ecrater.com/p/17261923/angelic-pretty-spade-cookie-ring

q-pot cheese ring silver
950 silver
condition: used
store link:http://kittycarousel.ecrater.com/p/17446221/q-pot-cheese-ring-silver

Angelic pretty heart balloon ring yellow dream
condition: used
store link:http://kittycarousel.ecrater.com/p/17899132/angelic-pretty-heart-balloon-ring

Angelic pretty leopard print love heart bangle
condition: used
store link:http://kittycarousel.ecrater.com/p/20380619/angelic-pretty-leopard-print-love

Angelic pretty magical pony bangle pink
condition: used
store link:http://kittycarousel.ecrater.com/p/17446234/angelic-pretty-magical-pony-bangle

Angelic pretty milky planet ice cream bracelet sax
condition: new
store link:http://kittycarousel.ecrater.com/p/18474133/angelic-pretty-milky-planet-ice

bunny ear bracelet white x pink x lavender
handcrafted item may vary slightly from image
about 6.5" long with 2" chain extension.
store link:http://kittycarousel.ecrater.com/p/18133931/bunny-ear-bracelet-white-x-pink

bunny ear bracelet lavender x pink
handcrafted item may vary slightly from image
about 6.5" long with 2" chain extension.
store link:http://kittycarousel.ecrater.com/p/18133940/bunny-ear-bracelet-lavender-x-pink

bunny ear bracelet pink x cream x mint
handcrafted item may vary slightly from image
about 6.5" long with 2" chain extension.
store link:http://kittycarousel.ecrater.com/p/18133933/bunny-ear-bracelet-pink-x-cream

bunny ear bracelet mint x pink
handcrafted item may vary slightly from image
about 6.5" long with 2" chain extension.
store link:http://kittycarousel.ecrater.com/p/18133935/bunny-ear-bracelet-mint-x-pink

bunny ear bracelet pink x sax
handcrafted item may vary slightly from image
about 6.5" long with 2" chain extension.
store link:http://kittycarousel.ecrater.com/p/18133936/bunny-ear-bracelet-pink-x-sax

Chocolate dot bracelet rainbow
handcrafted item may vary slightly from image
about 6.5" long with 2" chain extension
store link:http://kittycarousel.ecrater.com/p/18133945/chocolate-dot-bracelet-rainbow

Sweet icing bracelet mint x brown x pink
condition: new, icing are beads on a pin they will spin
handcrafted item may vary slight from picture
about 6.5" long with 2" chain extension
store link:http://kittycarousel.ecrater.com/p/18133943/sweet-icing-bracelet-mint-x-brown

angelic pretty dreamy colorful ribbon wrist cuffs pink
condition: new
store link:http://kittycarousel.ecrater.com/p/18133887/angelic-pretty-dreamy-colorful-ribbon

Angelic pretty Sweet Cream Biscuit earring pink
condition: new
store link:http://kittycarousel.ecrater.com/p/22650171/angelic-pretty-sweet-cream-biscuit

BTSSB logo eco tote pink
condition: new, material has a few spots, and is a bit wrinkled. has a zipper closure
store link:http://kittycarousel.ecrater.com/p/21774085/btssb-logo-eco-tote-pink

Chocomint fuzzy two way star clip pink
condition: new
store link:http://kittycarousel.ecrater.com/p/18710870/chocomint-fuzzy-two-way-star

Chocomint fuzzy two way star clip yellow
condition: new
store link:http://kittycarousel.ecrater.com/p/19101091/chocomint-fuzzy-star-clip-yellow

chocomint misty sky two way cloud clip
condition: new
store link:http://kittycarousel.ecrater.com/p/18946751/chocomint-misty-sky-two-way

BTSSB bow hair pin silver
condition: new
it is not missing any rhinestones, the empty holes are part of the design
store link:http://kittycarousel.ecrater.com/p/17812854/btssb-bow-hair-pin-silver

btssb baby ssb marine hat sax
condition: used has a tiny spot near top, as well as on top back or hat
store link:http://kittycarousel.ecrater.com/p/19364316/btssb-baby-ssb-marine-hat

angelic pretty musee du chocolat mini hat pink
condition: new
store link:http://kittycarousel.ecrater.com/p/19814641/angelic-pretty-musee-du-chocolat

Angelic pretty gingham headband pink
condition: used
store link:http://kittycarousel.ecrater.com/p/18395019/angelic-pretty-gingham-headband-pink

Angelic pretty whipped cake headband black
condition: used
store link:http://kittycarousel.ecrater.com/p/17497969/angelic-pretty-whipped-cake-headband

Angelic pretty plaid headband blue
condition: used has yellowing around tips. headband is on the smaller side
store link:http://kittycarousel.ecrater.com/p/19364329/angelic-pretty-plaid-headband-blue

Angelic pretty poodle hair ties pink
condition: new
store link:http://kittycarousel.ecrater.com/p/19364340/angelic-pretty-poodle-hair-ties

SALEangelic pretty party ribbon barrette pink
condition:used, like new
store link:http://kittycarousel.ecrater.com/p/17446336/angelic-pretty-party-ribbon-barrette

Angelic pretty polka dot collar cutsew white x sax
condition: used
approx measurements:
shoulder width:36cm
sleeve length:57cm
store link:http://kittycarousel.ecrater.com/p/17446350/angelic-pretty-polka-dot-collar

SALENine west white gray shawl/ muff set
condition: new with tags, the retail price of this set is over $100
the colour is hard to describe but its a mix white, and gray fur, with a slightly purple tinted gray satin strap and bow
the fur is not real
store link:http://kittycarousel.ecrater.com/p/17446366/nine-west-white-gray-shawl

Angelic pretty melty choco fondue set pink
condition: new
this is heavy
store link:http://kittycarousel.ecrater.com/p/19352332/angelic-pretty-melty-choco-fondue

Angelic pretty umbrella booklet & rin rin post card
condition: new
store link:http://kittycarousel.ecrater.com/p/21763079/angelic-pretty-umbrella-booklet-rin

Metamorphose bear glass orange
condition: new
store link:http://kittycarousel.ecrater.com/p/22650226/metamorphose-bear-glass-orange

Metamorphose swan heart glass sax
condition: new
store link:http://kittycarousel.ecrater.com/p/22650232/metamorphose-swan-heart-glass-sax

BTSSB ribbon heart jewelry box pink
condition: new, box has a small chip in the bottom white, it appears to be made this way since there is pink glaze inside the chip. See store link for more images
store link:http://kittycarousel.ecrater.com/p/21552664/btssb-ribbon-heart-jewelry-box

gothic & lolita bible
$20 each
for more pictures please see store links

vol 21: condition: used, shows sings of shelf wear. patterns and stickers included.
store link:http://kittycarousel.ecrater.com/p/18394850/gothic-lolita-bible-vol-21

vol 20: condition: used, shows sings of shelf wear. patterns and poster included.
store link:http://kittycarousel.ecrater.com/p/18394842/gothic-lolita-bible-vol-20

vol 24: condition: used, shows sings of shelf wear. patterns and stickers included.
store link:http://kittycarousel.ecrater.com/p/18394839/gothic-lolita-bible-vol-24

vol 27: condition: used, shows sings of shelf wear. patterns and stickers included.
store link:http://kittycarousel.ecrater.com/p/18394835/gothic-lolita-bible-vol-27

vol 26: condition: used, shows sings of shelf wear. patterns and stickers included.
store link:http://kittycarousel.ecrater.com/p/18394831/gothic-lolita-bible-vol-26

gothic & lolita bible extra
$20 each
vol 1 condition: used, shows sings of shelf wear. patterns and transfers included. transfers are bent on bottom and first to pages have an odd mark on them see image
store link:http://kittycarousel.ecrater.com/p/18394829/gothic-lolita-bible-extra-vol-1

vol 2 condition: used, shows sings of shelf wear. patterns and transfers included
store link:http://kittycarousel.ecrater.com/p/18394821/gothic-lolita-bible-extra-vol-2

links to previous sales:
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