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MUST READ: The Rules and the Post Template!

Before you post, please make sure to read the rules! Posts that do not follow the rules will be rejected and warnings may be given.

Below is a post template that you can use as a guideline when making your posts. Please feel free to give us feedback on this, we're happy to hear your suggestions!

You must start the subject of your post with the appropriate abbreviation (listed below), and use the proper abbreviation tags for your post. Please use the applicable tags as follows:
!DS - Direct Sale
!DA - Direct Auction
!DT - Direct Trade
!EA - Ebay Auction
!ES - Etsy Sale
!WTB - Want to Buy
!GO - Group Order
!AC - Art Commission (selling, not requesting)
!AFC - Available for Commission

You must also add your location to the location field!

Here is the Post Template that can be copied and pasted into the HTML box:

<lj-cut text="YOUR CUT TEXT HERE">

Introduction: (If applicable)
Terms and Conditions: (If applicable)
EGL Feedback Link: (You must have one! Please request one here before you post)

Item Name:
Proof Photo:
Price: (Remember to include currency!)
Description: (Condition, measurements, etc.)


Tags: !mod post

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