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DS: Classic JSKS. The Snow Field, MEW, IW, and BTSSB!

My feedback can be found here:

I ship from California, USA. All items are from a pet/smoke free home.
Paypal fees are included.
- Priority goes to whoever PMs me their Paypal.
- I welcome international buyers but I always ship with the cheapest option and no insurance unless you tell me otherwise. Please let me know.

Payment plans are accepted but I will be out of the country starting from December 26 till mid January. Therefore I'd prefer a max of about 2.5 weeks, 2 weeks preferred.
Since I am looking to move them asap, offers are considered and negotiable.

Baby the Stars Shine Bright Pocket Embroidery JSK in Black SOLD

Stock Picture:

Dress information:

Size L: 95.5cm length, 88~100cm bust, 74~88cm waist

Condition: I am fourth owner. there is a decent amount of wear. I wore it once but I'd say it's about a 3/5 condition. Some damages but it is still wearable. Very full skirt!
I removed the corset lacing to show the damage.
Proof picture:

Damages can be seen here:
Worn out lacing near zipper:
some of the corset loops have been stretched out from use, as shown:

I am asking $120 plus shipping.

The Snow Field Wolf in Frame JSK
Size 2, Silver color
Stock Picture:

Size information:
Bust :37.8in ~ 43.3in
Waist : 29.1in ~ 35.4in
Shoulder Strap : 13.3in~15.3in
Bodice Length :13.3in
Skirt length: 23.8in including lace.

Condition: Very good! Wore it once for about 3 hours, and looks practically new.
I pre-ordered off the Snow Field website. Bow is attached with a pin. Comes with a small gift.

Proof photo:
Print detail:

I am asking $250 plus shipping. SOLD

Innocent World Anniversary Rose Just Waist JSK in green, long version.

Stock photo:

Size Information:

Bust: 85-98cm
Waist: 64-81cm
Length: 113cm

I just received this in the mail, so I have never worn it. Previous owner didn't wear it either, I think.


I paid $175 so I am looking to get back what I paid for it. SOLD

MEW Wine JSK with Crowns-- ALTERED

I believe MEW is a Korean brand, who is not around anymore.


Size information:
Minimum: 80 cm bust and 70 cm waist
Maximum: about 98 cm bust and 88 cm waist

I believe this dress is made of stretch velvet. It has a very nice weight to it. I can't find much information. The previous owner made a very heavy alteration on it which included adding an extra panel in the back, cutting the shirring down the middle, as well as cutting out the dress lining. I did my best to fix the alterations and return it to its original size.
Please keep in mind that I am not a professional seamstress so there are some error to my changes.
When I received the dress, there were many problems. One of the sides of shirring were not sewn straight, the elastic was worn out, the panel did not match the length of the dress, and the skirt was re-gathered very poorly.

Shirring problem(you can see that the added panel only comes up to the third row of shirring):
Crooked skirt and shirring:
Lining has been cut out from the straps down:

My alterations:
Shirring panel with removed alteration and sewn back together(see center seam between fingers):
Old elastic taken out and replaced with new elastic:
Skirt has been regathered to match with bodice:

I still have the removed panel and will send it with the dress.

I paid $100 for this but I am really looking to move this. I am asking $90 plus shipping.

Thank you very much for looking.

Tags: !ds, *plus size, baby the stars shine bright, color:black, color:green, color:grey, color:red, indie brand, innocent world, item:jumperskirt
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